Is Stephen Harper planning to mount a political comeback? 1

Is Stephen Harper planning to mount a political comeback?


Tory strategist Jason Lietaer discusses the rumours that Stephen Harper could make a political comeback to help the Conservative Party.

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    1. lol why? he’s not great but miles better than harper. I’m actually curious, what are your reasons?

    2. Buckle up because Trudeau has probably has another 4 years as pm. I didn’t vote for him and I’m not planning to vote for him next time either but my money is on him winning again.

    3. @Pheej L Kim Campbell was great in ’93, I loved her but I think she has swung ultra progressive and I think that’s the last thing komunist kanada needs.

  1. O’tool will not win the election so there going to need a new leader before the next election.

    1. Maxime should have stated Conservative party and turned it back to conservative. Otoole is a joke and he won’t win. Tbh watching him, I think he knows and doesn’t care.d

    2. @David Burdett
      Best thing that happened to CPC PARTY was the exit of BITTER BERNIER!!
      Lost his seat in Quebec.
      How could you ever vote for that loooser??
      he use to be a separatist, then liberal.
      What happened there??
      they also removed him!!

    3. @firebird777 what’s wrong with letting them separate? Lol

      Back in the day, being a liberal wasn’t a bad thing. Not the progressive junk that exists today.

    1. Skippy should learn how to have at least 1 creative policy or program. All he does is cry like a baby. No idea from PP just tears and whines.

  2. I’ve been voting conservative ever since I was old enough to vote, but if O’Toole is still the party leader come election time.. my vote will be different.

    1. @Sherri Moore
      Do not listen to “bitter bernier”…..
      CPC PARTY is only one to remove blackface.
      No one else has a chance.
      Vote splitting, AGAIN, LIKE 2019, will give Canada BLACKFACE.
      hope you have learned!!

  3. 2 words for you… Leslyn Lewis!!!!! Put her alongside Erin O’toole and that will be a powerhouse 🤔🧐👍🏿

    1. Leslyn lewis is promising. I and it seems most of the base has low to no appetite for Otoole

    1. @Veroosh Tarot & Astrology Horoscope based on how canada is being run right now… i’d settle for a cardboard box.

    2. @Veroosh Tarot & Astrology Horoscope His theme song would be:
      buh-duh-bum-bum-baah, I’m presi-dent 🎶
      (it works better than prime minister lol)

  4. The Consvertives have run out of cons to cycle through their mafia, so they pulled out the phonebook and made some calls.

  5. No way can Tool get a win in the next election. Might as well bring back Sheer and try to win again lol. Wake up conservative party.

    1. Conservatives party died since they merged with Racist Reform party based in Calgary. This is not Mulroney’s party.

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