Is the UK guilty of war crimes in Yemen?

Is the UK guilty of war crimes in Yemen? 1


The new Prime Minister of the controversial rebel Houthi government – Abdulaziz bin Habtour – which has just been set-up in Yemen has accused Britain of war crimes, in his first interview since taking power.

Reporting from Houthi-rebel controlled Yemen, Sky News' Special Correspondent Alex Crawford looks at the price of the conflict to those in the area, especially children who are so malnurished, and whether the UK is guilty of war crimes in Yemen.

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25 Comments on "Is the UK guilty of war crimes in Yemen?"

  1. the cycle of hatred. resentment for british involvement creates terrorist
    who seek revenge against the west who then go onto kill westerners which in
    turn makes the west retaliate against them by bombing their homeland. this
    makes me sick!

  2. Yes….but BritNats do love a blood-soaked $….Merry Christmas

  3. Leave the muslims to govern themselves. They hate everyone who isn’t their
    specific sect of bullshit so who cares.

    • Yanowa Imsayin | December 13, 2016 at 5:10 PM | Reply

      Aunt Jemima lol theyre useless

    • Aunt Jemima Majority of Muslims do not live in the MiddleEast – the only
      reason the UK US is invading Arab countries is because that’s where all the
      oil & gas is.

      How else could they steal the natural resources but by dropping bombs on
      children’s heads. 🇬🇧👎

  4. The Zionist Occupied Government of Britain are guilty of war crimes in
    Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Yemen.

  5. Tony the neko and demon lord of hell,Lucifer | December 13, 2016 at 4:30 PM | Reply

    why does he keep staring at the camera?

  6. Sky news shows the rawest footage…those malnutritioned babies are

    Damn. Good report.

  7. ‘Two reasons UK supplying weapons to Saudi Arabia: Money and more money’.

  8. Zionist Britain is built on WarCrimes. All the way back from the colonial
    times when Indians were fired out of cannons to recent wars of aggression
    that have killed millions.

    The British people are too busy getting drunk in their local pub to care.

  9. bullshit the uk has nothing to do with this

  10. So wat about Saudi Arabia like wat even?

  11. The problem are not the weapon sales, the problem is that they allow SA to
    use them the way they do. If Britain didn’t sell them arms, enough other
    countries would gladly take that place.

  12. yes it is.

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