Is there Enough Medical Oxygen in Jamaica? | TVJ News – Sept 3 2021

Is there Enough Medical Oxygen in Jamaica? | TVJ News - Sept 3 2021 1


  1. Them doing what Bill Gate command them to do. Them going to price for all those innocent life they are taking. Total wickedness. They will soon have to stand before the great Judge himself God Almighty. Pray people we are in the hands of modern day Pharaohs. But don’t forget God is our mighty deliver stay strong.

  2. Boy man can chat when they are on the opposite side eh. Me really wonder how PNP would handle this covid crisis. Sometime me wonder if some people really know what is happening even here in the USA that is first world country. Mmmm ignorance is a hell of a thing. Me not talking from any political point of view either. Just saying.

    1. True..Pnp, JLP….its the same BS….praying for the poor ppl, nurses, doctors an all first responders…lord have mercy!🙏🙏🙏

    2. Jlp chat same way and had all solution when they were opposite side and now they do nothing none of them better they only have Sense when they opposition

    1. If they tell you the cow jumped over the moon, you’d believe. Vaccine cannot prevent hospitalization, are there no alternative treatments except the jab???

    2. @Shan Evans natural immunity but ever wonder why healthy food that people need to keep immune system functioning effectively is so expensive while the junk that causes sickness cheap????? If we were eating healthy we wouldn’t get sick and end up in hospital from a little flu virus

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