"It all happened so fast": Witness describes scene after Snowbird crash 1

“It all happened so fast”: Witness describes scene after Snowbird crash

Kamloops resident Josh Cox shares what he saw on the scene after a Canadian Forces Snowbirds plane crashed shortly after takeoff, while checking on his dad who lives right by the house.

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    1. Their age is worrying. But Canada has neglected its military materiel for literally decades – while Australia (a comparable country) is buying 12 new nuclear submarines from France Canada has none in operation and is as vulnerable militarily as a sitting duck.

    2. You know America would never let anything serious happen to it’s top hat… or it’s rights to drill up north (near Alaska)…

    1. 2013-2014 were the lowest on record spending on military at 0.98%. Current 2020 budget is comparative to the 2009 conservative budget of 1.4%. Its slowly increasing 0.1% every year to ideally reach 2% of GDP by 2026.

  1. I also hope if Trudeau has something to say he speaks from his heart and not a prepared statement as he has done in the past

    1. Why do morons like you always have to make horrible, horrible situations like this political. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    2. yes, like Conservative PM’s speak from the heart and never prepared statements. Do you hear yourself speak?

    1. Shoot! They aren’t. RIP to the one CF Snowbird. I hope for a full recovery for the other. Also I forgot… sorry about your family home. I do hope they’re being well looked after.

    2. Holy crap! She’s a Nova Scotian. Rest in peace Cpt. Jenn Casey. What’s going on with NS and tragedies this year? I don’t know if I can cry hard enough for you neighbour but love from NB.

    1. Apparently one pilot died and another seriously injured. No reports of casualties on the ground.

  2. I am heartbroken for the Snowbirds and once again for Nova Scotia. How much more are we supposed to be able to absorb as a country. It’s getting to be too much. I hate turning on the news.

  3. Do not click on the comment… ” wanna be friends?”. There is a massive security breach associated with that account.

  4. I would like to see the explanation for claim segment on the house insurance form for this one…

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