“It is in the interest of both countries to continue supporting each other”: Freeland warns U.S.

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland was asked about reports that shipments of personal protective equipment had been blocked at the U.S. border.

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  1. I would like to see where our healthcare supplies in Canada prior to this pandemic were coming from and for what.

    1. most from the states or China. the raw materials go from here to there and come back as finished product as with most of Canada’s supplies.

    2. kathy smith
      Just show your Ignorance. I work at a pulp mill. The raw material you talk about. Any mill can switch over in minutes. And guess what they have more plup mills than we do. And we don’t own most of them

    3. @Darrell thanks for bursting that Liberal bubble , they like to throw that story around …… could you reassure me that the USA has more pulp mills than Canada ?

    1. Minister Freeland has infuriated so many nations and burned bridges…. it could take decades to repair this twit’s damage.

    2. @Scotland1908 Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland has written two books: Sale of the Century: Russia’s Wild Ride From Communism to Capitalism, published in 2000, and Plutocrats: The Rise of the New Global Super Rich and the Fall of Everyone Else, published in 2013. (She studied literature at Harvard Uni.). She is an award-winning journalist and editor.
      She has a Master of Studies degree in Slavonic Studies from St Antony’s College at the University of Oxford, as a Rhodes Scholar.
      She gave a well-received Technology, Entertainment, Design (TED) Talk in 2013 on global income inequality.
      Wow. Thank you, Universe, she is also our Deputy Prime Minister. Wow.
      She also speaks: French; Italian, and Russian.
      She is married and they have three children.

    3. Freeland gave a 2013 TED talk on global income inequality ? I must agree with her on that. Me and all my friends are paid way less money than our wives.

    4. @Scotland1908 In 2018, Deputy Prime Minister Freeland was recognized as Foreign Policy’s Diplomat of the Year, and was also awarded the Eric M. Warburg Award by Atlantik-Brucke for her achievements in strengthening transatlantic ties.

    5. @l m Wow. I would never have thought this women had so much smarts. Which leaves me baffled why she has done so poorly in her positions .

    1. The impedance is a combination of……
      1- the 2 month delay in reporting problem by Chinese government
      2- Statements by WHO suggesting virus was not airborne and international travel was not a danger
      3- Trudeau’s foot dragging on our own lack of border restrictions including illegals thru Roxham Road crossing
      4- Our own governments advice that masks were not necessary
      …..to this day , we still don’t have proper testing in place for international arrivals at any of our 4 current international airports….no taking of temperatures….no masks or gloves handed out to arrivals….plenty of brochures though

    2. Absolutely. President Plague is a threat to the World stealing the medical supplies destined not only for Canada, but for Germany, France, and all of the other countries he’s stolen medical supplies from. During a global pandemic he steals life-saving medical supplies. He just finished stealing ventilators destined for Barbados, according to Barbados Today. What manner of human does that to half the World?

    3. R.A ….. Congratulations …… stupidest post I’ve read all day Your obviously a deep thinker LOL

  2. Wrong woman for the job. She is insulting and blew it with trump. Look at the billions of dollars she cost canada on free trade. Dumb as a bag of hammers.

    1. Mrs Smith how phucking delusional are you? Do you know anything about Mrs Freeland?

    1. wish she was. at this point who the he** cares what that end of a pig you see when it is moving away from you thinks

    2. @CarolineP Moberg Sign me up. Germany and France, and practically every country in the world that he’s stolen medical supplies from, would wear them, too.

  3. The USA is their own country and their priority is their citizens first. Rather than ridiculing the USA for their decision with 3M, we should be ridiculing Canada for not having the capacity to provide for their own citizens

    1. many countries made it a law not to export PPE (Germany and others) nobody said aything when they did it……

    2. I guess the trade agreement that was signed means nothing to protectionists mean nothing.
      The USA chooses which/when trade agreements matter. Which is turning the USA into a unreliable/untrustworthy nation

    3. Well there is a trade agreement, the fact that Canada did PURCHASE them, not too mention without Canada’s sharing the materials…

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    1. In addition to English, our wonderful highly respected Deputy Prime Minister also speaks French, Italian, Russian and Ukrainian. And gave a well-received TED talk in 2013 on global income inequality.

  5. Stop the pointless negotiations! Keep our raw materials here! Manufacture our own PPE! Pleading with IDIOTS OVER!!

    1. Government of Canada has been working hard for decades putting businesses in the ground and offshoring everything. Maybe if they wanted a strong self sufficient country they shouldn’t have ruined businesses and disheartened the souls of canadians.

  6. And the weakeness of globalism are very clear.
    The question now is why does Canada not have the ability to supply our own.

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