“It isn’t going to be easy”: Minister Marc Miller on finding a solution to the blockades

With train blockades happening across the country, Indigenous Services Minister Marc Miller discusses the road to finding a solution.

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    1. No – The Feds have no choice. If these land claims ever ended up in the Supreme Court of Canada the Federal Government of the day would loose big time on all issues.

  1. Hereditary chiefs are a modern dictatorship. The Wet’suwet’en have elected members that represent the majority.  Why dont the protesters and government honour their choices?

    1. Herediatry Chiefs are a company, not and Indian band, all this is, is foreign influence dictating the shut down of our energy and resources.. criminal and traitorous.

  2. Also – “It became obvious that no one had gone in and talked to these guys”
    ….. after a week?

    Well admit your own incompetence more plainly next time please

  3. Minister Miller might believe in the rule of law, but our esteemed Prime Minister violated 4 sections of the Conflict of Interest Act. Elect a clown expect a circus.

  4. Wow!!!
    This guy is doing the exact same thing that Trudeau did with the blackface scandal!!!
    This minister is now saying we as canadians need to change the way we think???
    What the hell dude!!!
    I could fix this in a second no problem at all. Send in the troops and arrest anyone who resists. Show activists this is not acceptable.

    1. joanne smith : they don’t want discussion & especially not dialogue. they only want to spew buzz words & catch phrases to misdirect and confuse. trust me, I know them & their type 😞

    1. I’ll do it. I’ll be the martyr & the spark for the country. as long as am permitted to be highasfuck when I do it 👍

  5. The protesters are professional at being insulted; if everything offends then the problem resides with the anarcists

  6. When a country has two different sets of laws for different segments of society………the end is near. IT’s too bad our PM is so stupid, but that’s not his fault because he was born that way!

  7. What scares me most. There comes a breaking point where average Canadians may sweep the police aside and end this situation themselves.

    1. Unfortunately it seems those days are gone and now we will suffer for there actions because the rcmp lets it continue

  8. Typical politician!!! Talk & say nothing! The lights are on but nobodies Home! Answering machine is Turned On! Thats what we hear Evan!

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