‘It Sounded Almost Radical To Hear The Secretary-Designate Call The U.S. A Country Of Welcome’

‘It Sounded Almost Radical To Hear The Secretary-Designate Call The U.S. A Country Of Welcome’ 1


NBC News Correspondent Jacob Soboroff and former Obama campaign manager David Plouffe speak to Biden’s choice of Alejandro Mayorkas, who would be the first immigrant to head the Dept. of Homeland Security, and what Mayorkas will need to do to untangle the cruelty of Trump’s immigration policies Aired on 11/24/2020.
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‘It Sounded Almost Radical To Hear The Secretary-Designate Call The U.S. A Country Of Welcome’

113 Comments on "‘It Sounded Almost Radical To Hear The Secretary-Designate Call The U.S. A Country Of Welcome’"

  1. thank god the press hasn’t given up on this.

    • @R mo Invasion is taking a country by force- it is so much different. America is a great nation, we will not tolerate abuse from anyone. We have laws for immigration. Being a great nation we know humanity will try to go seek the Promise land. Lots of people go to legal channels and later feel entitled and is sad. We forget that we all want the same thing. Immigrants mostly become responsible. It is how we handle the situation that truly matters with humane policies alongside securing our borders like any other nation.

    • @Faith Nelson thank you for that comment. Our press has been attacked and undermined for almost 4 years. The forefathers were very clear about the importance of the press for democracy. True patriots know this 👍

    • Hyeshttps://youtu.be/zFJ2AN_CZH8

    • @R mo Travel a little, we are already a Second World nation. Only we have masses of homeless people living on the street. Only we debate health care while the rest of the world thinks it’s a human right. Only we (& 6 3rd world countries allow killings of our citizens by the state. Only we treat primitive ideas about race like legitimate opinions. Only we have people who condemn abortion rights and birth control but don’t adopt, don’t support welfare or even our school system as if the ‘unborn’ are more important than living kids. Only we listen to commentators with no background in biology or climatology rant about virus or global warming ‘hoaxes’.
      How do you feel about 26 states not teaching science because it contradicts their superstition in gods like bejeezus, his dad, the nearly as powerful devil etc.?
      Trump tried to turn us into a 3rd world dictatorship but Biden will flush the Orange Oaf to where he belongs

    • @Donna C You say that like the “press” in 2020 is not actively lying to the American people on purpose. The press of 225 years ago is nothing like it is today.

  2. Stephen Miller should be prosecuted for cries against humanity!

    • He is the devil incarnate

    • @Sunna Belle you must be a white supremacists

    • @Orchid 2
      He already is methinks

    • @Tim Kozlowski Hey, hey,NOW that’s big talk for a…. 🤭 SNOW-FLAKE! ❄️❄️❄️… Feel petty safe behind that computer eh? I have a serious question ❓ Why are you so in love with Dump? You do know he’s a coke-head/Adderall addict, right? Yeah, your KING poops himself on the reg. Must be all the baby laxitive in the coke, if it makes you feel any better, Hitler was a meth-head. 😂 Dude, You may not be the dumbest person on the planet, but you’d better hope the other guy doesn’t die.. 🙄

    • @Tim Kozlowski looking at yourself in the mirror again?

  3. They gone to hunt down Steven Miller and arrest him ?

    • @R mo You are looking in the mirror as you type. You are a failed filthy experiment.

    • @Jerry Cooper never suggested that sure.but what is true is the only two races that have shed blood and died for this country in every single war since its existence is the black and white race.so this country inherently belongs to them.and every other race are just visitors over stending their welcome.i hope you got that and will put it to use in your next black lives matter riots.you tree hugging liberals are a joke

    • @Amy SK you again…I thought I was done with you.

    • Snappy come back.this is useless

    • EntrophicNihili | November 24, 2020 at 10:38 PM | Reply

      @R mo Yes, this country does belong to black people, you’re absolutely right.

  4. Actually it sounded almost normal, this country has been a safe haven for the downtrodden for generations, _it’s part of what made us great_

  5. Activate Windows | November 24, 2020 at 6:34 PM | Reply

    Stephen Miller is a Nazi. This was going to be his Holocaust. Thanks God he’ll be gone.

  6. Biden could get off to a good start by handing Sessions and Miller over to the fathers of those lost children!

  7. Miller should be sent to Mexico and let the parents of any child deal with him. Last we would probably hear from him.

    • Ruth A Castelan | November 24, 2020 at 8:56 PM | Reply

      Juarez would welcome him very warmly. 🔥🔥🔥🗡️🇲🇽

    • Ruth A Castelan | November 24, 2020 at 8:59 PM | Reply

      @Mattheau Fain The good folks of Mexico are better than that. But the cartels and gangs aren’t. Let them have him for awhile.

    • Parents are responsible for placing their children in harm’s way. Trump didn’t go get these children and bring them to the border. It a sad day for protecting our borders. all countries have borders. The international courts should prosecute those parents for child endangerment. Trump did not leave a stain on the country. It’s stupid opinions like these that cause taxpayers to have to take care of 22 million illegal immigrants that cost $400 billion annually.

    • ​@Ruth A Castelan I am fine with that. I expect Trump and Millers problems with the Cartels are probably unpaid bills owed to the Cartels for services rendered at some point. They can have them both.

    • @Mary Elizabeth Put Malia Obama in there too

  8. The very first thing that the Biden Administration should do, on day one, is to buy up ALL the land in and around Mar-a-Lago and beside Trump Tower in New York, and build immigration centres and housing for low income people.
    Once Trumps bills come due, and when the government seeks their $300,000,000, the government should repossess all of his properties and do the same with those

  9. God bless president Biden and his team

    • @Equality To All Yes, my major fear is of the Republicans that have been Trump enablers (think of folks like Lindsay Graham and Marco Rubio); – – – the last thing they want are competent people with experience and expertise in government positions. They will be fighting against having competent people in these positions!

    • Jacky Beckwith | November 24, 2020 at 8:32 PM | Reply

      @shadow hunter <<<<<<<<<<>> you can always tell one of trumpty dumpty stooges. And these ppl actually believe Lame Duck trump was the best man for the WH. Wear a mask plz 😷

    • Why when Biden going trun this in to North Korea

    • Equality To All | November 24, 2020 at 8:35 PM | Reply


    • @shadow hunter
      Relax hunter, Joe Biden is not throwing you to North Korea. He’s going to look after your country for you.

  10. I have a sick feeling in my stomach as to why they can’t “find” them. God, I hope I’m wrong.

    • Is it the parents or the children that they’ve lost track of or both?

    • Sheil B Wright | November 24, 2020 at 7:54 PM | Reply

      Many years ago I was taught that in 2 horse race between conspiracy and f*** up put your money on f*** up. Yes conspiracies exist but by a huge margin it is a stuff up. So whilst I am willing to believe he and his henchmen are evil they are also stunningly incompetent. Remember 45 and his family have consented to an order banning them from running a charity on the grounds that their dishonest and INCOMPETENT.

    • The children are not missing or lost. Their parents are lost, they can’t find the parents.

    • @Ariaflame depending on the case, both.

    • Because the kids they have are kids that was taken from human traffickers, you know separating kids from human traffickers at the border, or what the left wing Media like to call separating kids from families at the border.

  11. There can’t be reconciliation without accountability.
    Laws Matter.
    Justice Matters.

    • @jar josh He’s already been certified. Miss Murphy has ascertained his funds. What more do you need?…Geez
      Get freaking used to it.
      It’s over!!!

    • @jar josh Good for you Big Boy.
      Isn’t AMERICA GREAT?
      We all have choices.
      Glad we agree on that…Geez

    • @Lisa Whitfield Loln you really are clueless.

    • @jar josh Nope, you are.
      It’s over. Come back when Trump wins. I’ll be waiting.

    • @Lisa Whitfield You really don’t understand how the elections work if you think that the peoples votes being certified is the end of it (not all states are certified yet so it’s clear you don’t know what you’re saying). The electorates can and have in the past voted in opposition to the majority vote of their states. I don’t know how many states that’s legal but it is legal in some at least.
      Then there are the legal challenges. Despite the medias claims they are nowhere near over. They are just beginning. They have been conflating cases that aren’t Trumps with him to give y’all false hope.
      There are a lot of ballots that could be removed because they weren’t submitted in line with actual election laws. In a few places politicians without the authority “changed election law” for covid and people cast their ballots in ways that are not legal based on election law passed by those with the actual authority to pass it.
      There’s a lot more to it but it’s a YouTube comment I think I’ll stop there.

  12. It was outright child abuse by Trump and his henchmen, namely…Stephen Miller and Nielsen.

    They must be indicted.

  13. I like what our new Homeland Secretary said today….it was very heartfelt. Heart, something the US has lacked for the last 4 years!

    • @Gina Mazyck I disagree. They want to keep it the way it is.its the land that their forefathers built.and they don’t want to see it invaded by another race

    • @R mo we are the human race.
      this was once the
      Native American Indians land
      Mexico and Spain.
      And they didn’t want this racist bull here
      And the Africans were kidnapped stolen and brought here so learn to live with it.
      No one is trying tobe taking over this land there is plenty of land here.
      And there is plenty of land where only white people can go live. No white ancestors were here first we all came here from somewhere trumps grandfather came in the late 1800s from Germany dodged the war wanted to go back and they said no.
      Him and his father were rich and treated people unhuman.
      We welcome all.

    • Patrice Patrick | November 24, 2020 at 11:03 PM | Reply

      @Gina Mazyck 👏👏👏👏 school his azz!

    • yeshttps://youtu.be/zFJ2AN_CZH8

    • He’s not in the agency, Biden isn’t even the President-elect, he has no authority.

  14. Donald Trump has 57 days of Presidential immunity left.

    • @Brian Swanson People like you are the reason for the phrase, “You can’t fix stupid.”

    • Greg RidinBiden | November 24, 2020 at 10:01 PM | Reply

      @Brian Swanson your butt hurt is still hurting…
      Maga Hat Butt Hurt salve is covered by your tremendous trumpcare healthcare plan!!!
      All proceeds go to trumps GoFundMe page and unpaid taxes,legal fees attorneys fees and hairspray!!!

    • Greg RidinBiden | November 24, 2020 at 10:03 PM | Reply

      @J Groovy well said…us liberals own firearms too.
      Some of us were in the military. We served. Trump dodged the draft his millionaire daddy got him three deferments from Vietnam. Trump had a sore foot. So he played tennis 🎾 instead heroically bragging about his millionaire status!!
      These maga patriot wannabes are all mouth like their coward fuhrer trump!!

    • Greg RidinBiden | November 24, 2020 at 10:05 PM | Reply

      @Brian Swanson Communist? You people make up your mind. I thought we were socialist?
      Haha…your social security card and social security card says you are a card carrying socialist,so make up your mind!!
      Go to Russia traitor

    • Kathleen Mitchell | November 24, 2020 at 11:16 PM | Reply

      @Michael Norris Enjoy but be safe! Slainte.

  15. Elizabeth Agnese | November 24, 2020 at 6:47 PM | Reply


  16. JoLayne Skoglund | November 24, 2020 at 6:48 PM | Reply

    I can’t wait to not worry about our pres saying and /or doing something crazy af every single day

  17. Trump is the worst thing that happened to America. EVER!!!

    • @Justin Scott No..Trump in 2020!!

    • @Messyfilms Actually before this virus, AMERICA WAS HAPPY..TAXES LOWERED..LOWEST UNEMPLOYMENT SINCE 1959..I COULD GO ON & ON..

    • @John John We are Energy Independent now. We dont need oil from any other Country..Thank you President Trump!! Lowered regulations..cut red tape.

    • @Sydney Ashton ppl on the left are so wicked and ignorant. Trump brings back hundreds of thousands of oilfield jobs, drops the gas prices, makes America energy independent and the weirdos on the left call him a racist….wtf? I now believe some of these ppl cant come with us in the future. They’re too much of a liability and risk… we should allow them self exile. They can’t be redeemed

    • It’s actually the best thing to happen in a long time. You just don’t know it yet. Sheep.

  18. So Republicans are only pro-life pre-birth? How do these “evangelicals” sleep at night.

  19. Big Ern Mahkracken | November 24, 2020 at 7:09 PM | Reply

    Immigration needs to be overhauled, trumps wall is useless. Praying these kids get back to there families tho.👍

  20. Michelle Preston | November 24, 2020 at 7:17 PM | Reply

    “We need to take away children,” Mr. Sessions told the prosecutors, according to participants’ notes. One added in shorthand: “If care about kids, don’t bring them in. Won’t give amnesty to people with kids.”

    Trumps admin policy. They knew exactly what they were doing.


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