It Was A Superspreader Event in 2020. Now It’s Roaring Back In Time For Delta. 1

It Was A Superspreader Event in 2020. Now It’s Roaring Back In Time For Delta.

The annual motorcycle rally in Sturgis, South Dakota wound up being one of the most catastrophic pandemic events of 2020. So, what’s going to happen this year with the highly transmissible delta variant tearing through the country?» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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It Was A Superspreader Event in 2020. Now It’s Roaring Back In Time For Delta.


  1. When Noemobrains hospitals are full she brought it all on her state. If that was all we needed to worry about that would be sad enough. That will be in every Borough,Burg,Ville and city across the nation in a month. You can’t fix stupid but you can vote it out or let it die off. The innocent victims are all my heart goes out to anymore.

    1. @K S Well let’s get it out there whenever she is commenting use it. She will be right back in the news in 30 days as that virus once again spreads across this nation and the world. Many wealthy foreigners fly in their bikes for the rally also.

    1. @Landon Caymire Ahhhh, “Hoover”. You must be a Brit. I have heard a variation of this joke. “What’s the difference between a vacuum cleaner (Hoover, if you like) and a biker? The position of the dirtbag.”

    2. @Wark Mahlberg You saw what Fox News or NewsMaxx wanted to sell you eh ? That sounds legit ! LMFAO

  2. “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” ……Albert Einstein

    1. Letting the politicians and government take your rights until there’s no where to go except having a war and starting your own country?

    2. @LT Designs TSA infringes on your rights every time you go to the airport , You gonna start a war with them too?

  3. If you want a Harley, there should be a bunch of them on the market soon. More seriously, travelling long distances for conventions of any kind during covid is a terrible idea. Please do not do that. And if you know someone who is going to Sturgis this year, avoid them for a few weeks after they get back.

    1. @Censorship Is real He’s right though. I’ve owned a few of them. They’re garbage cans. I’ll stick with Indian. Much better bikes

  4. Well, many of these bikers already suffer from a combination of comorbidities. That really bodes well.

    1. May all the grease in their arteries serve them. On the plus side there’s going to be a lot of cheap hogs at estate sales soon.

    1. @Nikhil Newse I hope karma come after them for being POS. If it’s in the form of a delta variant I would laugh.

    2. @Nic Hall 200? Really? Lol. And it’s crazy how you just seem to know who’s vaccinated and who’s not

    3. @Forked Tongue yes really. I don’t know who is vaccinated or not. The information was collected from all the guests along with their negative COVID test. If you are going to post a comment at least check it’s accuracy otherwise you just look foolish. Anyway I am not debating with someone like you with nothing of value to add who has no idea what is actually happening

  5. “Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.” -George Carlin

    1. I know. Just look at how many idiots believe the MSM and Fauci. Can someone tell me where to find this variant test. Do I have to see Dr. Oz so he can take me to his uncle the Wizard

  6. Stop reporting on events before the facts ; wait until they all died-off, then reclaim the freed up space

  7. The governor may also be attending the rally, but I’m willing to bet she’s vaccined to the hilt!!! But, will probably not admit that to everybody she encourages to stay unvaccinated.

    1. She’ll show up for a few strategic photo ops with some of the great unwashed, before making a hasty retreat back to her gilded circle, away from fat hairy men on motorbikes bearing questionable fashion sense and rampant pandemic symptoms.

  8. Noem’s speech about conservatism and personal choice and responsibility is very appealing to Midwestern conservatives, but it flies in the face of the reality of a global pandemic which is worsening and adapting. I just don’t see how people can fail to understand the parallel with things like seat belt laws (“mandates”).

  9. It’s the bell curve on intellectual thinking. That governor is a real tool. Got back to your beauty contest and parade around with your bathing suit. That’s all you are good for.

  10. “We need leaders with grit!” says Kristi Noem. An education in science and common sense, not so much if you are as physically attractive, overly entitled, and willing to promote your own self-interests at the cost of others as I am! As ignorant as I am, I’ve never concerned myself much with humility. As long as someone else pays for my stupidity, I’m good with that!

  11. If allowed to make poor choices, and you don’t care who gets hurt as long as it makes you money, these are the type of people you’ll produce.

    1. @777 morgan Who silenced the ‘P’ in Pseudo Con? Rumor claims that Trump grabbed the ‘P’, and would have grabbed the ‘S’ too, but his hand was too small. What do you think? Eudo Con?
      I think Trump should never have taken the gloves off. He probably left prints.

    2. @777 morgan hocus pocus
      You do the hokey-pokey, and you turn yourself around, AND THAT’S WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT.
      “I’ll be better, Lord. I promise.”

  12. When your enemy is digging, don’t take away his shovel. We should be encouraging them to attend more super spreader events.

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