‘It’s A Dog Whistle’: McConnell Slammed For Fake Socialism Attacks

While coronavirus relief and other benefits are pulling millions of Americans out of poverty, Mitch McConnell is accusing Democrats of exploiting Covid-19 for political gain. Rep. Barbara Lee slams McConnell for his "outrageous" comments while joining MSNBC’s Ari Melber to discuss the Democratic agenda. The pair also discuss her activism and the new documentary on her life. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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  1. Republicans chase their dog tail until they catch it and then don’t know what to do with it.

    1. It’s spelled ‘tale”, and they bite them, repeatedly, because they aren’t self-aware enough to understand that the pain they feel comes from their own mouth.

    1. Took a minute, but I got it. Good one. I remember AOC’s shock when she read her healthcare benefits once she was in office.

    1. @WSOX Man he’s increased good content on vaccines and availability, increased employment gains, doesn’t host BS press conferences or aggrandizes himself, doesn’t funnel federal tax dollars to his properties, stays on message, is cogent, has moved along the giant federal infrastructure Bill, had Jen Psaki as WH spokesperson who is amazing at answering questions with data and evidenced based information, isn’t attacking a certain sector of people, doesn’t take pleasure in it like hood ole trumplethinskin, isn’t egotistical, stupid or missing a chromosome or suffering from untreated syphilis like donny.

    2. @Big Tex the new deal program enacted post dust bowl era and after the Great Depression to put people to work and in fact Texas drew a largess from the proceeds of the plan because of all the interstate and national parks created by it. So where’s the rub?

    3. @Ynot Jesus has nothing to do with it Biden’s border policy with all the covid streaming across the border he’s the devil’s partner!

    4. @Ynot I see you’re another young liberal that is good at fiction. You fool, Trump administration ordered millions of vaccine s. And you think they were sitting the shelf last Nov,Dec. Private companies produced the vaccines….not GOVERNMENT.
      Employment gains? You mean citizens and illegals returning to jobs shut down by GOVERNMENT?
      I bet you are a Dem that’s says Republicans are the ones not getting vaccinated.
      I bet you say the border is secured.
      I bet you think there is no inflation.

  2. Watching this from Australia. If the rate of poverty is going down rapidly, and that’s “socialism”, the US needs more socialism.
    Decreasing the rate of poverty has got to be a good thing for the US.
    I’m always disgusted by the level of poverty and homelessness in such a wealthy country. It can’t be healthy for the economy.

    1. @Patton 333 no David Eby is just another uneducated deplorable! I’ve tried to reason with these people, it’s an uphill battle when they are dealing with their alternative facts! Our education system will be the downfall of this once great nation

    2. @Jeremy You want to educate me on how great it is to depend on the gov’t? No thanx,that’s a Democrat thing.

    3. @sealyoness I think you are implying since they are rich they are above being concerned about eviction of others. I agree they are disconnected and unconcerned. They wouldn’t be if the evicted traveled to their street.

    4. @Frankiejean The same could be said about all the illegals that Vegetable Biden releases to spread covid in our communities. Don’t think they buss these ppl to DC!

  3. Old Moscow Mitch at it again…Say, I wonder how that plant the Russians are building in Kentucky of all places is coming along….

  4. It’s only socialism when it’s not for the very rich & large corps. After 40 years it’s getting old!!!!

    1. @Lee Yeah, it is real. Anyone who says it isn’t is part of the problem. Reagan pretty much invented it.

    2. @Lee regular massive government bail outs for airlines is in no way “letting people keep their money”

    1. @Jeremy Backup Right you are, and that’s exactly why Moscow Mitch hasn’t lost an election. His base is to ignorant to know any better. That’s typically how republicans like their supporters, ignorant and complacent.

    2. @Jeremy Backup Moscow Mitch McConnell pockets most of the aid money to buy his Senate seat every year. Moscow Mitch McConnell brought in an aluminum plant from Russia into Kentucky a couple years ago I wonder how that is working out for the Kentuckians? Or does Moscow Mitch McConnell just import Russian workers?

    3. Louisville votes blue but the rural areas are all red. They vote republikkklan due to fear-mongering/racism, etc. The same old page out of the American playbook.

  5. McConnell, the former senate majority leader, held back hundreds of legislatives bills in favor of our country putting U.S. citizens on hold while rushing judge appointments. He has no credibility.

    1. ​@No More I can’t link articles or else my comment gets deleted by youtube.

      So what you’re doing is just using broad interpretations of the general welfare clause to justify anything. Using that logic, Congress has unlimited power as long as they can somehow fit the justification as “general welfare” for the public. That literally goes against what the federal government was designed to be as LIMITED government.

      That’s why a lot of people question Obamacare because it was justified using the commerce clause. The commerce clause wasn’t put in the Constitution to have govt run healthcare lol.

      DC would need an amendment because it is federal land. Federal land wasn’t designed to be eligible for Statehood. On the otherhand if you want PR to become a state, they can and an amendment wouldn’t be needed. It’s just that DC is federal land for the fed government. The founders designed the feds to be separate from the state or else the state of DC would get unfair special treatment in aid and such.

      If you really care and want to look more into this about what the founders actually expected out of the general welfare clause, you can look back the debates at the constitutional convention. One of the criticisms of the Constitution was by the Anti-Federalist who worried that the general welfare and power to tax clause would allow the federal government to literally take over everything and they would be no longer a limited form of government taking away power from the States. James Madison (The guy who wrote the constitution) said the general welfare clause wasn’t designed for that and it’s limited in nature or else that would go against the principles of limited government. Read the federalist papers vs anti-federalist papers for a good debates between the two groups.

      For example, education is a known stereotypical STATE level issue. Using your general welfare logic, can’t congress federalize education in the name of the general welfare? How about speed limits? Those are reserved to the local and state govts to provide. Can’t congress justify federalizing speed limits in the name of the general welfare? Do you see how flawed your argument is?

    2. @Florida Man “So what you’re doing is just using broad interpretations of the general welfare clause to justify anything” – If by “broad interpretations” you mean keeping people alive, safe, and (hopefully) healthy, then sure. I, however, do not consider that collection of three attributes to be “broad” in any way.

      I do believe that almost everything under the “general welfare” umbrella should be handled by states, but there should be protections put in place federally to protect the citizens when states refuse to provide for the welfare of its citizens. The minimum wage is a good example of this. If states refuse to ensure their citizens are paid a livable wage (an amount by which an individual can sustain life by working a regular 40-hour workweek), then the federal government should be able to step in to protect the welfare of those citizens.

      As for the Affordable Care Act, there were so many things wrong with it.

      With regard to DC, without any evidence either way, I will accept your point. I will also point out that DC is explicitly contrary to the ideals on which this country was founded — no taxation without representation (citizens of DC have no real representation in Congress, but they still have to pay taxes).

      When it comes to election laws, that’s a whole separate issue because you have a mix of positions. I have no problem with states running state-level elections however they want. Actually, I do have a problem with it, but I will concede that it’s not my place to make rules for another state. However, when it comes to federal positions (President, Vice President, and federal Representatives and Senators), there should be federal rules governing the election. The reason for this is very simple — each of those positions affects the entire country, not just an individual state.

      At this point, I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree.

    3. @No More sure but here’s the thing. If the federal government wants to get involved, it NEEDS a constitutional amendment. Yes It’s hard to pass one because it needs a vast support of the country, but that’s how our system works. Sure I can see you care about people but you can’t trample on our constitution and system of government in the name of “progress”. Just remember, our federal government was designed to be small and bound by the constitution. Virtually everything else is reserved to the states unless an amendment is passed giving more power to the feds.

      There’s a reason why we needed the 13th amendment to abolish slavery. That’s why Congress couldn’t just pass a law under the name of the “general welfare” to abolish slavery. Broad interpretation is a slippery slope.

    4. @Florida Man That’s where we’ll have to agree to disagree. I believe protecting the lives and safety of the citizens falls under the category of “general welfare” (specifically, protecting the citizens from other citizens, not protecting citizens from themselves). I agree that broad interpretation is dangerous. Unfortunately, ambiguous documents (including many of the laws that have been passed all across the country) are equally dangerous. When it comes to important documents, absolutely nothing should be left open to interpretation (though I do understand that sometimes, that is, or at least appears to be, unavoidable).

    1. And McConnel, specifically, and almost literally, is a turtle without a shell.

      Oh…., that more or less makes him a lizard, doesn’t it? McConnell is reptilian!! Sadly, I don’t know if I’m joking about that or not.

  6. When they call something “Socialism” they should be made to define the word and the context they are using it in…

    1. @sammm bou What do you think it means, or is it just a tool the GOP uses to frighten the right, it’s about everyone been equal, no matter how much money you make, programs for the middle class to make things easier so they don’t have to struggle, healthcare for all, not just the rich, which pay no taxes, so it’s time they pay there fair share, that’s where Biden wants to raise taxes on, they made billions during the pandemic, they can now help to pay for infrastructure & give Americans good paying union jobs, while immigrants would be the ones helping small businesses at something like starting wage at $10.00 an hr. that would a dream for them, this country is broken thanks to Trump & Putin trying to destroy democracy, you can’t let them!!!!

    2. @sammm bou sooo, tell us what socialism is. and tell us why it works so wonderfully for so many countries on this planet. tell me why I live in a socialist country which is on the top 3 list of least corrupt countries in the world. tell me why the economy of my country functions, why our infrastructure is intact, why we are highly educated and everybody has access to excellent health care. tell me also, why we gladly let immigrants in my socialist country to benefit from all this. immigrants who are then able to become pro active, important contributors to our functioning economy. yes, tell us what socialism is in your misinformed mind.

  7. Why anyone is listening to McConnell is beyond me, just look at his state of Kentucky. The people’s there are so below the poverty level and the senator does not even help the people of his own state…

    1. @L C ; It’s not just low income folks voting against their own interests though. Kentucky is also a heavily gerrymandered state. There may well be larger swaths of liberals, progressives, moderates, and independents there than we realize.

    2. And some of these fools vote republican because of the color of their skin. Everytime something is happening here Andy Barr comes out with his lies & votes against anything that help we the people & they keep sending back the Coward’s to Washington & Frankfort that don’t do nothing but vote against change, but it’s coming sooner than later.

    1. True. But what does our economy to when these businesses are closed. What are you paying at the gas pump . How about.your groceries. How many small businesses are gone. How many big businesses are leaving to China.

    2. So if I dont agree with im sad excuse of a human.. I will lose a lot of sleep tonight. Ha ha. Since you have no clue except your fake news channels you aren’t even worth debating
      Just a waste of flesh

    1. I don’t recall him having any comments about that Great Wall and the money allocated, which, btw, I think the contractors left large amounts of building material lying around to either rust or be brought over the border to help construction in Mexico. I could be wrong, but…

  8. Oh Moscow Mitch, you wouldn’t even know what Socialism feels like when you return to Moscow for exile.

    1. Keeping them poor, keeps them coming back for more. It’s worked well for him and every election they come salivating back to him. Put him in office again. They keep voting the same man expecting something different. Such foolishness

  9. “socialism” to american politicians is when their profit margins are threatened.

    but if you allow greedy souless rich folk to make the rules,well you get what you deserve.

    1. @Wicket the joke is that capitalism is not sustainable,in any system,and never has been because as you say it favours the greedy.

      socialism would work,as it does in many species on this planet..but not with humans because,well theres greedy again raising its ugly head.

      i have ventured down this train of thought many times,and the only sustainable future i can think of so far is making greed a capital crime,and a socialist system with an AI at the head.

  10. McConnell: “They were counting on this terrible but temporary pandemic…”
    It’s not temporary when Republicans are doing everything in their power to make sure it stays with us forever.

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