1. Be honest. He could just walk onto the floor and say “yeah, I did it.” and republicans would still vote to acquit.

    1. @Eri and you keep missing the point. Yes in my eyes they can impeach him. I’m not contesting that what so ever. However apparently the chief justice didn’t feel comfortable doing so. So……..until scotus rules on it, and the chief justice feels comfortable participating in it. Your hit. You cannot proceed forward. Why……..because the constitution says what? A chief justice has to preside over a presidential impeachment. Trump can only be impeached for one thing. A presidential impeachment………why that’s the only office he has held. The United States doesn’t impeach normal citizens……it impeaches office holders. Still in office or ones that have left office. It however though is still impeachment of said office. Which in this case is President. Sooooooooo……….its a presidential impeachment and you have to have a chief justice per our constitution for a presidential impeachment.

    2. @Eri which takes us all the way back to my original post. This is a joke and not legal, because Leahy can’t preside over a presidential impeachment.

    3. @Penny Sutch Divided… this is because of all of the chaos and destruction of our cities all year. When Harris calls on BLM and Antifa to keep fighting and encourages the looting/rioting, taking away from what was initially meant as a rally. Then turns around and calls all Trump supporters racist and terrorists when 95% of them had a completely calm and respectful rally. The day Biden got in, who was it rioting??? Not Trump supporters that’s for sure :). Quite an interesting allegation.

  2. “Maturity, the way I understand it, is knowing what your limitations are.”
    ― Kurt Vonnegut, Cat’s Cradle

    1. @E J BLM didn’t just “protest,” they rioted. As did ANTIFA, which your far left media apparatus called “peaceful protests” as an estimated 2 Billion in damages ensued. As long as the Left ignores inconvenient facts, I do not wish to hear any moralizing or feigned shock.

    2. @ThE DuCk So, the very first article I came to,, from The Guardian, states that “At least 25 dead from summer riots.” And the FEE (Foundation For Economic Education) clearly lists the costs at 2 Billion. There you go.

    3. @Duke of Prunes II
      Provide the link URL because you exaggerated the death count let’s see what else you are exaggerating hmmm ?
      perhaps prunes aren’t doing it for you you’re still full of sh!t

    4. @Duke of Prunes II
      White Privilege on Display in Post-Super Bowl Riot.
      Following the Philadelphia Eagles’ Super Bowl win die-hard fans took to the streets of Philly to celebrate leaving in their path a whirlwind of violence and destruction, as well as a question of racial inequality. Looting, property damage, fires and injuries dominated the riots.

      Despite videos posted all over social media depicting absolute chaos and damage, as well as reports of patrons attacking police officers, a representative for the mayor’s office reported there were only three arrests.

      When Detroit’s basketball team the Pistons won the 1990 basketball championship eight people died in the white rioting which followed the celebrations.

      Chicago Bulls to multiple basketball championships in the 1990s fans rioted nearly every time they won. The worst outbreak of civil disorder was after the team’s third consecutive championship in June 1993 when two people died. A woman standing on her balcony was shot and killed by a stray bullet and a man was pulled from his car at an intersection and shot to death.

      GTFO with your white privilege — wanker

    1. @m b actually, the Court on Arizona read the so called “evidence” & Powell’s own paperwork was filled with might have beens, could have’s…there was NO PROOF…

    2. @A Morfus That was Trump’s plan all along. Bury us in so much, it was impossible to follow it all. Count the silverware, check the paintings, I believe there was a bust of Abraham Lincoln that Trump’s movers had, where is that ? Make sure the Washington Monument is still there,and Trump hasn’t sold it to the Saudi Arabians, or Putin. Is the Hope diamond still in the Smithsonian? We need a full inventory.

  3. Why not ask mich mcconnel to testify what happened to him on that day. Lindsey greyham would be an idea.

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  4. Funny, 1st could not be impeached “because he was president”; now because he is no more president”!

    1. @Trent Ladson you’re not getting it he was already impeached…. What is the second impeachment for? He already can’t run for any office he was impeached.

    2. @Arminius Maximus Impeachment does not prevent running again There a separate vote for that IF he’s impeached.

    1. @Yeticus Rex So what would be point be here? tRump gathered a mob, spoke to them like a fat version of Hitler and pointed them in a direction and said march. Case closed!

    2. @Led Green Yeah. it was pre planned by tRump and his GOP cronies, hence the illegal tours of the Capitol given by Lauren Boebert to at least 15 people two days before the Capitol Attack.

    3. @Chadillac You mean it will be comical to watch the GOP stand there with their fingers in their ears and tightly closing their eyes while screaming fake trial at the top of their lungs. Yeah, I can’t wait to see that!

    4. I call the Qnon shaman to the stand.
      I call the zip tie guy to the stand.
      I call the guy beating an officer with a flag pole to the stand.
      Seems like only Trump’s dogs can hear hear Trump’s dog whistle. “I love you.”

    1. Guys we are about to go back into the middle east invest in bullets and armor companies… Biden promised more war in the middle East so that means 💵💵💵💵💵🤑🤑🤑🤑 ….

    2. @Katelyn Pribula Now now young lady! That is not a rational mode of thinking. Like croton on hudson I am a great admirer of the 45th President. After all his actions have resulted in the removal of something over 400,000 extra Yanks from the world’s gene pool. Someone who does that for the rest of us certainly can’t be all bad! And just consider this – since the majority of his supporters refused to wear masks (except when committing crimes) it is statistically probable that they and their families have had a higher incidence of Covid (and thus death rate) another win! Also while we’re on statistics, it is normally the case in most countries (not dead certain about the US – the folks there are clearly “different”) that older folks generally vote more conservative. Thus with the higher death rate in the elderly, this will thin out the GOP voter base even more. 😁

    1. @Daniel Beyer Except he wasn’t a private citizen when impeached. Especially his entire argument for 4 years was as President he can’t be charged with anything.

    2. @OlderG0ds Grooming his extremist supporters for 4 years actively encouraging violence to the point, that it was implicitly understood by his rabid base that violence was always implied, and then he told them to go to the Capital and he would be right behind them. And everyone that stormed the building has been saying he told them to do it.

    3. @nuanil doesn’t matter when he was impeached, he’s a private citizen now, and should be treated like one. And I don’t remember him arguing that presidents are immune. If you can prove otherwise I’ll take the L

    4. @Daniel Beyer naw, he just invited his insane cult members to come to D.C. & promised them a wild time… probably the ONLY promise he’s ever kept LMFAO 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. Lindsay Graham doesn’t want them to use witnesses, so that alone a big reason for them to call them.

    1. If the Democrats call witnesses they will screw themselves because of all the Video’s that MSM, SOCIAL MEDIA and BIG TECH has censored will come out and destroy the Democrats narrative. Just like it did during the first Witch Hunt Impeachment Hoax. This is Hate Crime and Slander against President Donald Trump

    2. @Nicky Krystals My thoughts also, some witness testimony could be damaging to the Dems, this could ultimately backfire in their face..

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  6. As a aside, Henry VIII used “Bills of Attainder” very effectively, against his opposition, as did his father before him.

  7. The incitement isn’t JUST the final speech. It started in 1st campaign with “Drain the swamp”, de-legitimizing the
    Federal gov’t. During the 2nd campaign the worse his polls were the more he talked of rigged election, vote fraud, getting his followers really fired up. After the election, he was in full scream about it,, basically getting his followers really cranked up, like a fully cocked gun. His speech, along with Giuliani and Brooks, was pulling the trigger to set them off.

  8. Many thanks to Mr Feldman, for breaking this down in a way that I can actually understand – which, I must admit, I wasn’t expecting at all! And it’s given me pointers for further reading, so I can (try?) to go a little more in depth – who would have thought, that the legalities of impeachment could be so fascinating, and might provide an actual silver lining to this Loser-In-Chief’s mis-tenure in office!

  9. When you silence free speech, the ‘Sound of Silence’ becomes the very tool that defeats you in the end. You might think nobody can communicate without social media and that is actually a good thing. You often don’t think clearly. What you think is seldom a factor in what may be coming your way. You think everything you do is just to be accepted by the citizens of the United States. The best part about censoring is that everybody I know is still communicating very well. The big difference is you don’t know what anybody is talking about now. The “New Movement” will be a part of history that sets the ‘United States’ and it’s ‘Constitution’ back to where our forefathers intended it to be. Party politics will come to an end. Anyone that thinks they have the ‘Power’, to use their wealth against the people’s will to influence the direction the ‘United States’, is in for a very big awakening. Sometimes the bigger sacrifices, the larger the events, the stronger the bonds, are forces you will have to reckon with. The Reckoning is coming and it will happen anywhere you least expect it and anytime you don’t see or hear it coming before it’s too late for you to do anything about it.

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