1. Me hear seh it wanes so could be monthly. My friend is currently isolating with Covid for the third time and she’s triple vaccinated πŸ€”

    2. @Empress Jade Simeon Ellis the vaccine πŸ’‰ doesn’t stop you from catching the virus 🦠 but it the virus or vaccine can still send you to the hospital or the morgue, if the Prime Minister was so concerned about people’s lives he would come up with a solution to curb crime by implementing stiffer penalties when it comes to criminals whether from the so-called Ghetto or from Cherry Gardens

  1. If you did have work for every Jamaican they would take it my job in the USA asking for your vaccination card before you can go to work

  2. What about competition for JPS…Water Commission….why dnt we have secondary Wharf….y politicians cnt seem fi go jail for crimes….but the VACCINE is u lot seem to want to do anything about…

  3. Prime minister ,I don’t think you would ever talk to your wife and children like that.Your tone of voice is disgusting, speak politely to your people

  4. Focus on the crime !! that should be your dam strategy, people a wear dem mask 😷 , You not making a dam sense

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