‘It’s incredibly painful’: Grief, outrage and fear in wake of Atlanta spa shootings

Panelists Vincent Pan, Executive Director of Chinese for Affirmative Action and Teresa Woo-Paw, Chair of Canadian Race Relation Foundation, discuss the racial discrimination felt by Asian groups after the fatal mass shooting in Atlanta.

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  1. “Roses Are Blue”
    “Violets are dying”
    “I’m outside smiling”
    “But inside I’m Crying”

    “I hope someone finally notices me”

  2. “Roses Are Blue”
    “Violets are dying”
    “I’m outside smiling”
    “But inside I’m Crying”

    “I hope someone finally notices me”

    1. @Susan Grimm Breaking News: Yawning is now considered racist. Just like literally everything else we do.

  3. Just as you should yell “Fire!” when being attacked in the street, we yell “Racism!” now. Violence against women. Call it what it is, and be angry about THAT! Most of those women who were working in the massage parlours, most likely, had already been victimized by men before working in a place like that. Even the guy who did it admitted it was anger towards women, not racism that motivated him.

  4. You can’t change human nature in 1000 years will still be the same way like prostitution alcohol guns drugs need to acknowledge the problem then try to fix it

  5. Are/were those Atlanta’s massage parlours legally licensed as therapeutic, or just erotic body rubs?

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