‘It’s never been this polarized, from a gender perspective’ | Nanos on polling in Ontario

'It's never been this polarized, from a gender perspective' | Nanos on polling in Ontario 1


    1. No, maybe it is because if there were more women in trades more women would support him. Trades unions are backing Doug.

  1. I’m sick of Doug Ford ignoring the Ottawa area. As far as he’s concerned only Toronto and area counts for anything!

    1. @Christena Gervais You act like complaining about a conservative who is going to dominate this election while doing nothing to you personally is somehow not similar or unique. The selective outrage is hilarious and what Im trying to point out. Clearly you voted for the NDP/Liberal dictatorship. So you should educate yourself and sit this election out..Thanks 🙂

  2. What is the point.
    It doesn’t matter who you vote for and all the broken promises.
    It isn’t who you vote for, it is who counts the votes.

    1. Heard from the grapevine that there is a documentary out about that…The most vexing question of our times. Well, at least if you are a progressive.

    2. Hey, this isn’t the United States’ government, this is Canada. We’ve got a slightly different set of problems to contend with over here.

  3. There is NO difference between the PCs, Libs and NDP, so how is the public polarized?
    They are all promising the same thing.

  4. What if voters where required to pass an IQ Test? Make a mark of say 125 before you are allowed to vote….Can you imagine how high the mark might be for politicians. They would become accountable. The masses and equality is what destroys societies..

    1. Intelligence as measured by IQ tests is no indication of competence, or moral integrity. I site bob rae as an example of the former, and christia freeland for the latter.

    2. The masses being uneducated and not understanding the concept of equality and repeating senseless talking points, as exemplified by your posts, are the real issue. Equality of outcome is where societies start to have problems.

      Nothing wrong with everyone starting from even ground.

  5. PCs Libs and NDP are NOT promising the same thing. I don’t have a car, I don’t care about gas prices, I don’t care about a new highway, why would I vote for Doug Ford?

  6. I’ve been a lifetime Liberal voter, but since Trudeau came into power, I will not be voting Liberal Party again. Canada needs a leader that cares about Canadians.

    1. Trudeau be like “what? You mean there’s parts of Canada that exist west of Ontario?”

  7. Mr. Blackface is so excited to see his buddy Lex Luther’s election results he had to run to Alberta to feel some love. Doug Ford getting reelected has more to do with the federal Liberal party than Doug’s personal popularity.

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