1. It makes me sad to hear about the Police Officers committing suicide due to their PTSD from Jan. 6th. People responsible for this attack need to be held accountable.

    1. @Sun Dial the officer was one of those that went through the hole battle, they all suffered serious mental issues with it, so the possibility that it’s related to 1/6 is extremely high

  2. Knowing Jordan is at the peak of his career will make his downfall even more delicious after he’s subpoenaed.

    1. @Haeuptling Aberja obviously you don’t pay any attention to the world around you I’m talking about them refusing to turn over servers and hard drives and passwords that they were Court ordered to and subpoena for in Arizona there crooks and shood be executed immediately wherever found theirs no cure for the disease of being a democrat

    2. @Tom he’ll be subpoenaed but will he ignore it? If he testifies will he plead the 5th? If he doesn’t plead the 5th & lies during testimony he’s screwed. If he tells the truth he’s screwed. It’s a no win situation for Jordan .

    3. @Jeffrey Hershey
      But they couldn’t hand over the servers and secret passwords–the former are protected by Jewish space lasers and the latter are all in Yiddish, which no self-respecting naziboy would deign to speak, nu?

    1. @the dude na Rebuke of the interviewer: I am asking the questions and than change to the topic she/he wants to express.

    2. @the dude na 1.The glass was broken by the rioters and she was entering the next hall to attack the people there. 2. The guard was exonerated. Why should anyone care who he is?

    3. @empiremonkey that’s actually a great idea, and they can absolutely do so, in that they can just subpoena his records and written accounts, and decide later whether to interview him or not, as has been done with many witnesses in past investigation that the house of representatives conducted

    4. @Michel Hammersley Accountability for what? As far as we can tells Jordan didn’t do anything that is not legal, as you would expect from someone with a law school degree, and in terms of morals the proper avenue for holding someone accountable is not the house of representatives, but the nation at large….

    1. Jim must not have noticed all the %!=/* Trump flags. His statement was classic, “hamada, hamada.”

    2. @News Troll I saw it. He made finger quotes and winked when he said ” peacefully.” I guess the banquet tent filled with GOP bigwigs swilling champagne and watching the riot on big screen TVs escaped your notice. How prescient they were to set up the tent. Wise up, Gomer.

    3. @Rage, Tears, Regrets and Fears link the tape. Belive it when i see with own eyes. Doesnt change the fact fascism is alive and well in the GQP. If what you say about the quotes and winks thats going to be petty damming evidence.

    1. @Omicron-Omicron-Alpha-Yellow-Daystar-2-7-Enable It’s still on the books. Why do you think the Oath Keepers flipped so quickly and turned State’s Evidence.

  3. Gym Jordan betrayed the ordinary Capitol Police officers who were overwhelmed by the Trump onslaught and were placed in an impossible, threatening position.


    1. @Rage, Tears, Regrets and Fears Do me a favor and tell Terry Kerwood she seems to think there was no kind of warning.

    2. @Russell Sproutt the 60 court cases were never looked at. They were denied on standing. Wrong verbage or something. I am not giving money to ANYONE that has more than I do. I would help a homeless person or animal shelters before anyone or thing

    1. Does anyone think under oath means anything.
      Too much time has gone by to think you will catch them in a lie.
      Until the American people are going to hold them accountable, this is just a sham

    2. @Ernest Vocell

      Yes. If they are interrogated individually, and under oath, they would be held accountable for anything that doesn’t add up.

  4. May be they will siege Jordan’s house like they did to the Capitol and it would considered a happy house tour.

    1. We can only hope. The government loves protecting those that aren’t trying to change the country.

  5. Jordan almost said,”I don’t recall.” But stopped himself, perhaps because he did recall mafia guys saying the same thing.

    1. The liar Jordan almost said he didn’t talk to Trump on that day, but he knows that he did, and he knows there is evidence that he did, and he knows what they talked about, and he knows he is implicated in crimes.
      So this is his way of avoiding the easily proven lie that he didn’t talk to Trump. As if he won’t be subpoened anyway.

    2. Liberalism distorts acumen and destroys common sense.Its sad really.A liberal can’t experience true happiness nor ever laugh from the heart.Always angry,envious,and vengeful.Its a sad mental condition.

  6. When Jordan said, “You have to ask them”, the reporter should have responded that they all said they were doing the insurrection because Spanky told them to. What would Jordan have said then, I wonder. Even if Jordan doesn’t understand Spank’s words, they all did.

    1. @Omicron-Omicron-Alpha-Yellow-Daystar-2-7-Enable Those fond guilty will get 1 free line dancing lesson followed by a long dirt nap. My guess is this type of thing will NEVER be tried again after those dance lessons.

    2. @RuRdy2RK the citizens themselves may have to provide those dance lessons and nap services. I doubt the courts will do the necessary thing

    3. @RuRdy2RK Confidence in what? The dipstick democrats have been making up crap for the last 5 years and made nothing stick because there was nothing. I can tell I’m on an MSNBC thread because there are a lot of brainless idiots on here clinging to the hope that their worthless shepherds of the herd will come up with something that makes sense. Try hoding your breath till they do. That would be amusing to me.

    4. @Jerry Ulin The republicans in both impeachments were called into the Gobblers office and told if they did not vote not guilty. Then they would receive no reelection money from the RNC. They took the money. Now they will do the time look busy. Stop hoding that breath also you look like a moron.

  7. Gymmy jacket-off Jordan sure seems nervous these days, you don’t suppose he is concerned about a few questions.


  9. He told the Proud Boys to “Stand by” and that’s what they did stood by until January 6th….

  10. Why do y’all keep asking, “what did Trump mean?” Do y’all not speak English. Trump deliberately incited riot. Period. Why this frigging debate over it people? You heard what you heard. ACT!

  11. In other words, Jim Jordan is entirely self serving and doesn’t give a crap about our country.

    1. It seems most of his party are suffering from anti american views. They don’t want the truth to come out because it incriminates all the congressmen that supported the overturning of Our votes to appease the Authoritarian Crook tRump.

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