“It’s time for you to get ahead”: Conservatives reveal new slogan

The Conservative Party has revealed a new ad and their campaign slogan ahead of this fall's federal election.

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    1. Reminder that most of the PPC’s supporters online are paid shills trying to split the conservative vote so Trudeau wins again.

  1. For citizens to have more money, substantial impact to wealth generation and spending, the following must occur:
    (1) The carbon tax, excess tax, Federal Gas Tax and any other “double tax” that is added on top of the HST/GST must be rescinded.
    (2) Refer to #1.
    Let me remind everyone that land tax already pays for roads, every home owner pays it, excess and gas tax are double taxation.

  2. The NDP and the liberals are exactly the same They spend and spend and spend without any real plans or ideas.

    1. They think the ‘way’ is to spend your way out of debt. They are completely delusional -just look at the oblivious look on Singh and Trudeau’s face.

  3. I dont mind paying extra taxes, if it helps trudeaus vacations, beer expenses and costumes I’m all in.

  4. People’s Party of Canada is the only party bringing up the real issues are country is facing. PPC all the way!

  5. Mad Max P.P.C. – i would have a lot more respect for the other side if they stood up for all to be heard at conference – as it is – i’m not going to watch the soft questions and non answers

    1. Bernier is NOT going to be Paying any Pay outs to the MSM so not likely. Both Trudeau and Scheer will be handing out some 1.3 Billion of our money to THEM to see that it doesn’t happen.

  6. It’s time for me to get ahead…? You mean, a party is _finally_ going to end _worldwide mass-immigration_ & foreign ownership that is artificially inflating our housing market—our sovereign real estate for our families?!

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