'It's unconscionable': The U.S. is sitting on millions of doses they don't want, and Canada paid for 1

‘It’s unconscionable’: The U.S. is sitting on millions of doses they don’t want, and Canada paid for


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  1. ”One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.”
    Another country somewhere is another country’s garbage disposal.

  2. Going forward so we are prepared for further crisis Canada really needs to become more self sufficient so we are not at the mercy of other countries

    1. We’ll be so broke and in debt after this virus blows over, there’ll be no way they set anything up unless govt borrows more money again

  3. Canadian’s tax payers paid for a product and they didn’t get it? something doesn’t make sense here. We should ask for money back.

    1. @Cody Dalipi its the states… if they could make a profit on it… hmmmmm…. the fact they are not should tell you a little…. drop assumptions….

    1. Oh my I’ve only got another month – lol and who would want something that causes more severe side effects? Take your vitamin “D” and zinc – how about that?

    2. That’s this week. In some places. They’ll change their minds if we get more of them. Like last winter, Health Canada told everybody that masks were BAD (because of their criminal negligence not maintaining an inventory). Then we got some masks and they became mandatory

    1. Actually the European Medical Agency has recommended for all ages at this time because the risk is miniscule.

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