1. @Ric Flair being an all American boy, nope, I’m not tired of winning 😂🤣.. And what better day to hold a rally for the best president ever, than the 4th of July 💪👍
      Trump 2020 😎

  1. How the hell is she not embarrassed. She has just as much qualifications to do this as everyone commenting and even less than some.

    1. @Merrilou Neigenfind but it’s so easy to make fun of the liberal lord and savior and so fun. Anyways the rest of us are waiting for you to pull your head out of your back side. But until than we are just going to keep making fun of you for filling your head with 💩

    2. @William Parks All Trump supporters are fundamentally bad people and should be kept away from children.

    3. This is coming from the same morons that elected a bartender to Congress. The bartender that is so dumb she doesn’t know what the three branches of government are. And yet you worship her daily?

  2. Ivanka fancies herself an international player. She is one bad actor amongst many in her dad’s administration. Hubby , Jared even worse.

    1. @Nikolai Collushnikov Brennan isn’t a Muslims you right wing are as bigger liar President bone spur and his corrupt administration.

    2. “Ivanka don’t know how to international,” ~ says the guy who lives in his mom’s basement.

  3. There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY this would have flown if Obama’s daughters had been old enough for this!!! The Republicans would have SCREAMED that it was NOT legal OR Constitutional!!!! And we ALL know this is true!!!!

    1. @Brandi H I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s an unpaid role. Look at the trademarks and patents Ivanka has tried and failed to get for 10 years strait that she’s been able to secure these past few months using her role in the current Administration. She will make more millions from that than she would via any government paycheck.

    2. @Janet Masiello That’s not how debate works. Now, I’ll ask again, for the last time: where is your evidence that President Obama appointed a member of the Muslim Brotherhood into his administration?

    3. @Jeremy Backup Other First Daughters have had similar privileges based on their father being POTUS. None of them have been without guaranteed Ivy League university admission, ready-made internships and plush jobs waiting for them regardless of their skill. Not to mention all of the benefits of being able to find a wealthy partner that further solidifies their success in life. Every child of the POTUS has had this privilege.

    1. @Cenk Uygur bullshit, these jobs were forced back by threatening tariffs, and all the tariffs he’s forced around the world for a few hundred thousand manufacture jobs will seriously backfire with this trade war with China. China now has far more market intervention around the world

    2. @Darlene Smith Uh, yes. Any way you want to measure the economy, it is soaring. I’m sorry that you’re so delusional you refuse to admit it.

    1. @V Steed what Clinton?? Exactly nothing but blond haired bimbo who has more skills giving blow jobs to diplomats

    2. Excellent point. Why ARE we still surprised? I guess it’s kinda like the concept- ” I couldn’t look away.”
      They just blow our minds a little more every day I guess.

    3. @V Steed no one’s thinking about Clinton she’s not even running you Russian troll or low IQAmerican

    1. Are you kidding ?
      Ivanka works with women entrepreneurs and women around the world for financial and personal success.

    2. What an excellent picture of the daughter her dad was thinking of dating: “Barbie, plastic, fake and a bad example for young women”. It’s embarrassing and disgusting. She makes me vomit. He makes me vomit too and not only for this unacceptable nepotism.

    3. @Abolish the liberals america love it or leave it damn nice way to insult the new generation of peace okay man have it your way we will soon overpopulate you in about 10 years so enjoy your last years of beign a proud Republican because democrats are the future 🤣

  4. Well her Dad is playing a fictional President on the daily soap, “WTF Happened to American Democracy”. I guess she figures she can horn in on his gig. Runs in the family!!

    1. These people gave up a comfortable billionaire lifestyle because they love this country . Trump is one of the most constitutional presidents we’ve Ever had.
      What the f*** is wrong with you ?

    1. @Joshua Warren Yeah AOC was elected (without foreign aid, hacked influence or electoral affirmative action) by the residents of Queens and the Bronx to represent them in office. Ivanka was hired by her dad (the illegitimate president) because he has the hots for her. It’s one thing to be a complete stranger blowing your way to the top, pretty damn creepy when the top you’re blowing is your dad’s.

    2. For all your babble for don the con and his family of crooks.
      She has no business being there let alone speaking to world leaders.
      Her company folded when word got out at what she was paying her workers.
      As far as baby orange go’s all his deals are dirty one way or the other.

    3. EZ 8. If your mom would have swallowed she would have done the country a service by not bringing you in the world. Cull

  5. When you see and read the actual words spoken during that little exchange she inserted herself into that clip goes from eyerollingly laughable to facepalming and flat-out cringe-worthy.

    1. @Janet Masiello Say if you really believe that, then I would love to sell you a brand new brass magnet.

    2. I thought America has an anti-nepotism law? Well…to hell with all laws..this is the “Age of The Trump”

    3. Janet Masiello one day you will realize how misguided you are and you will be embarrassed. Put aside your hatred for anyone one if they’re not white and truly see this president for who he is. Yes anyone still willing to follow this man at this point is deeply racist. No sane thinking human being would continue to support Trump and this maddening level of insanity unless they had a serious character defect.

    1. @Comanche Bullshit. Her comment was a meaningless word salad that had nothing to do with what was being discussed. Just look at how Lagarde and the others look at her. They had no use for this child who has no business pretending to be a diplomat or working in the White House—and she and her husband should’ve NEVER been given security clearances. Their clearances were rejected, until daddy Trump intervened.

    2. @Comanche , Yes you intelligent being , she’s as clever as her dad …. the blind leading the blind….imagine that.

    1. Yeah ivanka is so bad for getting business across America to start job training programs at the expense of the companies. You people need to wake up. With all the constant lies that CNN MSNBC project veritas undercover video showing you the corruption right on video but you people still support these Channel’s that has been bashing Trump cutting part of what he said every chance they can. Many latinos support Trump many African Americans do to. Liberal ideas are just insane socialism is not the answer. Free stuff for everyone. No people want a purpose to get up and go to work everyday. The drug epedemic is out of control but let’s just tear down our borders you people are delusional. I guess when you lose a friend or family member to heroine your mind might change. This country is turning into communist but yet you hated the Soviet Union wake up before your liberal ideas and policies have our country taken over by a strong country that don’t put up with your liberal fascist communist ways.

  6. Don’t forget Ms. Plastic also allegedly has challenges with her background clearance. It’s all about self aggrandizement and family business. They are just so slimy. At the expense of taxpayers, no less. Uggghhhh!!!!

    1. Daddies Building Condos in North Korea,Can I show you a Brochure ?
      “You Can’t Make a Silk Purse Out of a Sow’s Ear”
      Thing about “them” Trumps,
      “You Can Dress ‘Em Up in the ‘Trump Brand,’ But, You Can’t Take ’em Out!

    1. Ivanka has worked with women entrepreneurs & women around the world.
      Samantha Bee is a sexist bitter comedian wanna be.

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