‘I’ve been blessed with this body,’ Harrison Ford teases at Cannes | USA TODAY

During a press appearance at Cannes, Harrison Ford responds to a reporter saying she thinks he's "still very hot."

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    1. -Come over an see Johny
      pursuing Amber
      Heard with a blade as she begs
      him to
      stop, a recording played at trial, transcribed and loudened

  1. Hello Harris son! Or Harry’s son! Seems we all run in the same circles! 🙋‍♀️
    Oh BTW im not crazy! Just really worn out!🥴

    1. Hopefully y’all weren’t making a threat!
      God says gathering them out of all nations and just return them to their homeland! Wwgd
      Anyway!I think its brilliant 🧐

  2. Congratulations Mr. Ford. Thank you for your work. You have made me dream of fantastic adventures.

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