Jacob Ward On Facebook Data Release: ‘A Historic Moment’ | MSNBC

Facebook recently released a trove of raw data to a group of independent academics studying the way users share information. MSNBC's Ali Velshi discusses the privacy implications with NBC News Technology Correspondent Jacob Ward and 'Zucked' author Roger McNamee.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Jacob Ward On Facebook Data Release: ‘A Historic Moment’ | MSNBC


    1. @Tchow chowdhury “stuped” 😕
      Also, yes it was.
      But you don’t know very much US history.
      You’re mostly talking about the old “Southern Democrats.”

      The Northern Democrats were a different cluster of groups, and in fact President Lincoln ran with one on his ticket.

      Shifting demographics and political dynamics caused the two parties to gradually trade places over the course of the 20th century. By the 60s, you’ve got Democratic president Lyndon Johnson signing the Civil Rights act, and Republicans like Barry Goldwater opposing it.
      The transformation solidified further and further through the rest of the century. One only has to look at the platform, rally locations and speeches of Bobby Kennedy to see how rapid the shift was.
      He personally broke the news of MLK jr’s assassination to an almost all-black inner city crowd and instead of the scheduled political stump speech, he did his utmost to console them with one of his most moving speeches, composed in a matter of minutes, reciting from memory poetry by Aeschylus that helped him after his brother had been assassinated. It is one of the most meaningful and moving episodes in 20th century US politics.

      And though a handful of historians now deny the Southern Strategy as a top-down, conscious tactic of the Republican party,
      this is belied by the fact that, by the mid 2000s you had the chairman of the Republican National Committee formally, publicly apologizing to the NAACP for how poorly the Republican party had treated black voters for decades.

      And there is WAY more to this. This is just a quick glimpse at the subject.

    2. @Randall P. McMurphy tell it like it is.. always the stupid ones that seem to think that is a talking point.. that’s akin to your grandfather owned slaves.. trump.. trump.. trump stupid stupid blind blinded ✔✔😒😏😑😕😟😔😔

  1. Are you saying that Facebook is collecting information on us? I don’t believe that. That stuff only happens in Dictatorships. Oh, wait…….

    1. @Whitey McPrivileged the guy that invented the personal computer iPhone etc etc etc etc
      Is and was a liberal Steve jobs and Bill gates are society would have never involved if if it wasn’t for the liberals
      You are welcome

    2. @F. Lares Steve Jobs maybe, but Bill Gates is CIA material using stolen code. Social Media base code again was stolen when patents applied. All by the American Government. It really isn’t the Good American Government workers who abide by their oath of office. It is the corrupt government workers that were placed in power, who don’t give a crap about an oath of office, who are to blame. While the mass American People are zombies without a clue.

  2. Looks like the Russian funding for Facebook is paying off big-time, for Russia, Zukerberg, and trump.

    1. And yt… And twitter… And the comment sections below news articles…. The problem is pervasive across all social media. These platforms need to wake up and do something about this or they might find the western world changing in ways that are not conducive to owning and operating a social media company.

  3. I’ve never used Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Instagram or any social media platform. Guess what? I survived not putting all of my business out there to make me look like I am someone!

    1. I didn’t “put my business out there like I am someone” I live far from family and suffered from an illness. I used it to share with loved ones. I’m saddened if you think everyone on facebook is a narccisist.
      HOWEVER, I can also agree its not safe, nor is anything on the internet. I was a survivor of the 2017 Equifax breech. My identity was stolen.
      Im surviving Manny j, but some of us used this platform not for showing off but keeping in touch. Used in the right way it’s wonderful tool for connecting.
      I still write letters however. Those paper things you put in boxes.
      Not meant offended you, I’m sharing my opinion plz don’t take it the wrong way.

    1. YouTube collects your data too – it’s the same thing. Not a huge fan of FB either but everyone collects your data – your credit cards, everywhere you shop…

  4. Zuckerburg should be forced to REMOVE all troll farms and fake news purveyors. If it’s a lie … out it goes. How can you be ‘post-Cambridge Analytica’ when the true depth of its activities are still unknown. 50 MILLION US profiles … How did the Russian troll farms know who to target and where? What was Bannon’s involvement? What was on their servers?

    1. That would mean someone would have to read and verify every single piece of data. How much you think they get paid an hour?

    2. What? You want a corporation filtering out free speech and deciding who gets to exist in reality and who gets to be silenced.

    1. I notice that the first time Zuckerberg was called before Congress, he seemed very concerned/worried about many people fleeing from FB. He began to make some small changes but stopped when the mass exit didn’t occur.
      Warren had said that if elected, she would break up FB. Bernie also said that a year ago, but he’s not talking about it anymore.
      Apparently, Zuckerberg seems to be worried about the current crop of Democratic candidates.
      His private dinner With Trump at the White House may have something to do with that. If half the members quit FB tomorrow, Zuckerberg would be doing something about the hate speech, propaganda and misinformation/lies the next day.

    2. Did that like almost ten years ago now and no, I am not on Instagram, or Snapchat. They all farm our data and I want no part of it.

  5. I deleted fb when I figured out it was why my devices ran so slowly. Constantly running in the background stealing our private information . Stalkers is what it should be called.

    1. Shut Facebook down! If lies and HATE are all they have to say they don’t need to exist… If Trump only says lies he should be shut down also… Trump should be censored.

    2. @Blue angel – It isn’t that they can’t. They won’t. It would eat up too much profit.

    1. DEFCON 97
      Exactly… people on Facebook are only a marketing tool. 4 profit.. Facebook steals every ounce of information they can get from anyone that is on their site.

  6. America was not shut down properly. Would you like to start America in safe mode without Trump, Guns and Facebook ?
    ( Recommended ) 👽 👍👍

  7. Propaganda in whatever proposition the Authority of White Superiority decides what is feasible, like Donald Trump, the topping on the cake of Fraud Guaranteed.

  8. I knew this 16 years ago
    I had never been or will be
    On what I call tracebook most people are totally unaware
    Of how much personal information
    They can gather about you family friends habits etc etc etc etc
    Be mindful of what you do online

    1. 2 times caught hacked in my messenger. Russians did hack facebook. Done deal its fact. There’s a price for everything.

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