Jagmeet Singh: Workers deserve a fair contract | PSAC strike

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh says PSAC workers deserve flexibility and respect and his MPs support the fight for a fair contract.

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  1. Great please make back to work legislation a non confidence vote so we can have an election now and get rid of Trudeau.

    1. ​@ron mailloux we’ve never voted them in, how would you know for sure? If you don’t like Canadian culture being so progressive, move.

    2. @Z TracksDon’t think he needs to worry about getting reelected if that’s what you mean. He’s pretty popular there.

  2. So federal strikes are fine for Singh to stand with, I wonder if Lametti is calling Anand to see if tanks are available to quash this strike?

  3. I love how Singh tries to act all tough and independent, but when it comes time to vote in the House of Commons, he simply votes the way the Liberals tell him to.

    1. I was just gonna say, yeah you’re 100% dead on. He says one thing, then does the exact opposite. Time, and time again.

  4. I wonder if physicians who “were there for canadians during the pandemic” is also getting the same increases?

    1. doctors are paid through their individual provinces and need to speak to their province where federal is through the federal government

    2. @marlene8344  many of them didn’t support it, but if you pay attention you will see that anyone who publicly opposed the government had their licenses removed and their lives destroyed.

  5. look at that when jagmeet singh`s not blaming Galen weston or supporting trudeau,here he is with his photo op & empty words just like his pal Trudeau

  6. The government also has a duty to ensure that the taxpayers also get value for the tax dollars being spent. Both sides need to come to the table with actual realistic offers and negotiate in a way that is equitable to everyone.

    1. @kathy smith That’s irrelevant. The issue is that the original commenter is presuming that workers determine efficiency, which is wrong. The inefficiencies of the CRA are due to management. So why are you punishing workers for management’s mistake?

    2. @John Brower gee in that case i have an idea!! cut management wages until they begin allowing efficient work to be done.
      however eliminating the efficiency component taxing the very rich would in a more appropriate manner would surely make for compensatory income for the gov’t and would allow at least doe decent wages for the lowest paid employees.

    3. @kathy smith tax the rich is a matter of law. You would have to get an amendment to the Income Tax Act to allow for certain assessments to take place. That has nothing to do with the CRA which simply administers the ITA. You would have to get your MP and the rest of Parliament to make changes to the law.

    4. @John Brower whatever is necessary but for immediate use maybe some settlements from the covid profiteers would help
      there is not a corporation that dealt in basic necessities that did not rack up what would be considered criminal amounts of profit during and just after covid in a sane world.

  7. Would they be more amiable if politicians rolled back THEIR pay increases? That seems like a fair starting point.
    Let’s vote on it.

    1. raise the taxes on super rich and share the money. nobody needs or deserves 1 billion dollar in their life

  8. I worked both in government and in the private sector. Twenty years and 10 years respectively. I would never recommend working for the government.

    1. That doesn’t mean much. Your experience will be different in different ministries, branches, divisions and sections.

  9. Should the whole national go on strike to get their pay raised also so they could afford the outrageously expensive cost we have these days then? Because everyone deserve it

    1. The union is fighting for all workers. Once they win, all employers will be inclined to raise their wages to increase retention and keep being competitive

    2. It was like this during high inflation in the late ’80s early ’90s. Unions started negotiating far better salaries and got them without strikes.

    3. yes, raise the taxes on super rich and share the money. nobody needs or deserves 1 billion dollar in their life

  10. I keep waiting for him to pull off the mask so we can all see it’s really JT in another costume.

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