Jake Tapper Grills John Podesta Hard Over New Hillary Emails 10/31/16

Jake Tapper Grills John Podesta Hard Over New Hillary Clinton Emails and James Comey announcing the FBI is reopening the investigation into her private server. 10/31/16

Hillary Clinton Email Scandal Update – October 31, 2016



  1. Killary never said she will not do it againg, she said she “will do it
    differently” meaning will take measurements to prevent getting cut.

    1. Retired Warrior Yeah, right! He even said other’s people breaking the law,
      but “not you”. Podesta was chatting with Killary on private server/emails
      like everybody else. He is as durty as everyother in DNC

  2. Hillary Clinton is a liar Thief corrupted politician Bill Clinton is a
    rapist Thief liar Chelsea Clinton liar Thief Clinton Foundation Haiti’s the
    mafia family needs to be in prison

  3. Clinton can blame the FBI, the Russians, Trump and everyone else but the
    truth is that she created this mess and it’s totally her own fault!

  4. Boo-hoo John poopy-pants Podesta doesn’t know what to do without the red
    carpet treatment. Answering real journalistic questions get his panties in
    a bunch.

  5. Give up Podesta! The 33,000 deleted emails will be coming out tomorrow and
    it’s over! She’s only sorry she got caught, not that she endangered
    national security or cost four good men their lives.

  6. Let me translate what John Podesta is really saying. “Jake, Hillary, me and
    Huma are a group of criminals that don’t care about the law. The only thing
    we care about is power and money and so all of us will lie like hell and
    say just about anything and rely on the ignorance of the American people
    and our criminal partners in the media.”

  7. Podesta is a bad liar , anonymous said they will release the video of Bill
    clinton with a 13y old girl & the 33k emails of hillary, i hope so !!

  8. Experience? Wow, after 30 years in politics Hilary did not know how to use
    email at work :). Bravo! Amazing! Hilary is definitely qualified for

  9. I am confused obviously Mike Obama Wienered Hillary’s Huma with his Comey
    and Creamered prematurely leaving Hillary unfulfilled. Why did Mike Obama
    do this? What village will raise the baby? Did the ruskies provide the

  10. Dems are just so confident in a victory now that they cn actually report on
    this stuff. They want to race to seem close to make sure people get out and
    vote. Clinton has it won.

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