1. β€œTalk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish.”
    ― Euripides, The Bacchae

    1. @Jeffrey Dahmer like Dahmer said, if you don’t like my wifes…. Just eat the salad. Please tell me you didn’t married the ugly one. I would have to give you a baaaaaagg for her face

    2. @Anthony Nellany hey …the cow kicked Nelly in the belly in the barn. Damn you have a long name.what you do to your sister is ok with the democrats.

    3. @Demetrius Dion hey domonanaitricks pee-on. Are you dead yet? Then shutup. and work on that tampon issue you have.

    1. It would not surprise me if there will be polling places in the hospitals and rehabiliation centers of a republican district. Maybe, even a transport service for you and your familymembers if you are a registered republican.

  2. “So I told my people to slow the testing down, please.” Donald J. Trump

    When you Trumpettes die of the #virus – because you’re not tested, be sure that the #Coroner(isn’t that amazing how similar in spelling Corona & Coroner are?) puts down the CORRECT cause of death: the President of the United States.

    1. @Roy’s World clinton was a dumbass that couldn’t control his urges, his wife was a liar, and anyone who voted for him is either an idiot or brainwashed by the “news”

  3. The longer this goes on the more time we are giving this virus to mutate and it will. Just wait

    1. mutation will likely cause the virus to become less lethal and more contagious, so its both good and bad news

    2. @Amir Sadr how can anybody predict that? anyway, a coronavirus with similar transmission characteristics as covid19 and the mortality rate of SARS and MERS will eventually show up. and the US has shown that it’s not ready. one good thing to come out of this administration is that their extreme incompetence will spur reform, hopefully in time for the next outbreak.

    1. @TRE45ON
      what do you expect when it says to its momma
      shot 3 squirrels today ma
      but there’s only 2 son
      I got away.

    2. Trump is awesome he is trying to save America. People need to stop and think for themselves. Decorats/Communist are distorting the truth and pushing lies. If a lie is told enough times by enough people to enough people it appears to be the truth but I’d still a lie.

    3. @tom lund *the Disastrous Effects of Liberalism, Obama, and Hope & Change*

      CONSUMER CONFIDENCE – plummets


      ECONOMIC FREEDOM – plummets

      U.S. Worker Productivity – plummets

      Wages Stagnate

      the Middle-Class shrinks

      Unpopular Health Care Law – forced on Americans

      ACA promised to save $2500 per family, reality a $7450 yearly increase per household

      ACA doubled premiums and tripled deductibles to $12,000

      Health Insurance companies Lost $Billions in the Obama-Care SCAM

      “Subsidized health care creates disincentive to work.” – CBO / spring 2016

      10’s of thousands of businesses closed as a result of the ACA

      Millions laid off and forced into part-time work as a result of the ACA

      Stock Market – Flat in Obama’s last 2 years – No gains

      Crushing Government Regulations – lost Money, Freedoms, and Liberties

      <1.6% GDP growth Obama's last 6 quarters - couldn't wait to get rid of him

      Worst Economic Recovery on Record

      Spiraling Health Care Costs

      New Business Startups - plummet

      Lower Academic Standards

      Taxes - skyrocket

      Job Opportunities - Dry Up and slow to a trickle

      Obama broke a 50 year old record for Poverty

      Unemployment, Poverty, and Homelessness Rise

      Cost of Living goes up, and Buying Power Drops

      Millions Dropout of the Labor Force - unable to find a job and left Destitute

      Blizzard of regulations passed in 2016, draining economy of $2 trillion

      Created ISIS, then couldn't Stop it

      Falsely Blamed GW for the Great Recession Democrats caused

      Falsely Accused Trump Campaign of Colluding with Russians

      Scandal and Corruption Rampant

      Record number of GDP quarters of <2%

      - Barack Obama: an Economic Catastrophe

    4. And ur IQ is that of a stick of butter. PC of driftwood. Man is the leader of the free world and u r a YouTube hero to the clowns like yourself. Clown.

  4. “So, I said to my people, ‘Slow the testing down, please!'” – he really does desperately need to be the center of attention, doesn’t he, even if it’s a class action lawsuit.

    1. They remind me of the sheep in George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”. Followers with no ability to think for themselves. I actually feel sorry for them. But not their miserable leader… fuhrer Trump.

    1. Yep. But that Idiocracy was set ”500 years in the future”
      to make the bitter pill of satire easier to swallow. Meanwhile…

  5. Putin told his health officials to stop testing and stop reporting the deaths

    Trump is following putin

    1. Trump is Putin’s lackey. Putin says jump and Trump says how high. NOT GOOD FOR AMERICA. VOTE HIM OUT. PLEASE.

  6. Trump sycophants agree with all his conspiracy theories and lies. You can see the crowd nodding in agreement!

  7. Is there a law that allows citizens to ignore the government if the government is being run by an absolute rock like him

  8. Our system of governance is broken when someone can say these things without immediate impeachment

  9. Might as well β€œstop” testing all together, then he will get his perfect scenario of β€œno” cases.

  10. “Jake Tapper: Once again, Trump is revealing this” lack of truthfulness which defines #ImPOTUS45. May all vote accordingly on Nov 3rd for that which is kind, just & right instead of more “Mourning in America.”

    1. And if that was tongue and cheek then what’s the excuse for the other times when he said it.

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