1. @Daria Greer Greer That’s a learned behavior from the DemonRats in congress, Elmi, Ortiz, Presley and Talubi always avoid the true answer.

  1. Anytime you hear someone start their response with “I’m going to answer that…”, they are sure as hell not going to answer it

  2. “But Mulvaney said there was a quid pro quo.”

    “So I’m just gonna ignore that and talk about something else entirely”

    1. No he didn’t and all the witnesses all said there was no pro QUO and they only had opinions and not actual evidence

    2. @Dr. Weird so how much money is joe Biden paying u off from his Ukraine scandal? How stupid can you be
      Joe Biden bragged about what he did on television lol
      Joe Biden bribed Ukraine with tax payers money and maybe u should research the definition of Racketeering and EXTORTION

    3. @bill Murray You guys are all desperate to make Trump out as some kind of superhero…. he is a slimy bullsh*t artist and he manipulates all of you.
      Trump is careful to try to not leave evidence of what he does, that is his way of operating his whole life- a CON MAN.
      Yet you all try to make excuses and cover for him because he gives you the pity story of how everyone is after him…. wake up.
      He will throw ANYONE and EVERYONE under the bus to save his orange keister, including YOU if you had anything bad to say about him.

    4. @bill Murray TBH i don’t know what Biden has done, i could care less, if he did dirty things he should have to face up to it…. it doesn’t detract from Trump being oh so much worse.
      Trump hires ‘only the best people’ who are ‘great fantastic people’ then as soon as they say or do something that implicates him ‘I don’t really know that person, i may have spoke to them once’ LOL
      Biden is going senile but Trump is a career con man…. Trump University? His charities? LOL
      You are brainwashed by an amoral imbecile.
      When there is no one left to throw under the bus EVERYONE will turn on him.
      Everything that you just accused Biden of is what Trump is being investigated for…. funny how everything that he gets accused of he accuses others of, Projection 101.

    1. He answered every question. When Tapper asked him the big question,, Do you think it is ok for a president to ask another country to investigate a rival his answer boils down to Yes if there is corruption involved. You sheep come to CNN for propaganda and you got news.

    2. @Helen Taylor If you read my post I suggested since Tapper did such a weak interview maybe he should go there. He didn’t counter one time despite the GOP lying 4 times I counted and filibusting the entire interview. It was a weak interview.

    3. @ryvr madduck Wow Madduck, at first I thought you were a PUTIN USEFUL IDIOT, now I see you are a full blown Russian Asset. The Republicans are now the G.O.P………Grifters Of Putin! Good going traitors!

    1. Yes, that is definitely the right question to ask! I watched Rick Santorum on CNN sit there and say over and over he just did not think this issue was worth an impeachment and not one single person on CNN asked him if he then thinks it should be fine for any president to ask other countries for help in getting dirt on political rivals and if they think that is OK what is to stop that from becoming something very dangerous.

    1. No, Stephen, it’s educational and a huge part of what’s going on! Yes, it’s stupid and that’s a whole other point. Never a waste, just feels like it.

    1. Because they have no truth to offer. In order to answer a question directly and honestly, you first need a truth to present.

    1. No he wants to let these supporters go with these various stories so they look less credible by the interview its easy to debunk these things so why stop them till you are ready to end it and I tell you some of these interviews will be used against each person in the long run I suspect around CAMPAIGN TIME

    1. @Tasha Vladimiroff – It absolutely will be!! Trump is a liar, and a fraud, and will eventually be totally exposed.

  3. I can’t watch this brain washed person and listen to his jabbering. It’s horrifying that anyone can be so blind and at the same time hold such a high position in society.

  4. Whoever voted for Zeldin should hang their heads in shame: his dishonesty harms all Americans by aiding and abetting corruption.

    1. To be fair he’s between a rock and a hard place. Trump is such a petulant child he could really screw over the Ukraine.

    1. No he is exposing the facts that the mainstream media refuses to report on. It’s very convenient that anything that comes to light about democrats involvement in the Ukraine instantly become conspiracy theories. That’s what was being said about Joe Bidens involvement in a quid pro quo with Ukrainian government wasn’t it? A conspiracy theory? Now there is a video with Joe saying exactly what is considered quid pro quo. Oh, the head of Burisma was arrested by the way.

    2. @Mark Shumate but the issue burisma was investigated 2010-2012. Joe biden son was put on the board in 2014. Burisma was cleared of any wrong doing and the republican party even signed off on a letter saying so.

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