Jamaica Covid Numbers Spiking: TVJ All Angles – September 23 2020

Jamaica Covid Numbers Spiking: TVJ All Angles - September 23 2020 1


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11 Comments on "Jamaica Covid Numbers Spiking: TVJ All Angles – September 23 2020"

  1. Wow this young man is lucky. Thanks for sharing your story.

  2. I have been through that same situation , i have all the symtoms except the diarreah, i drint hot , hot water i blend ginger , orange peel , but when it never stop, i ask God for help to make the coughing to stop, then it come to my spirit , so i mix the vick in hot water , drink morning and evening for 2days and i got better , the mint from the vicks go straight to my sinus and distroy the covid , please try eat orange ,100% ojuice fever grass tea , ginger with lime juice , all these i take , hope it help some one

  3. Ppl think it’s a joke thing have seen deaths up on deaths can’t do nth persons just there crying they ca breathe dispite being in the bipap ventilator some very thick mucus it’s horrible

  4. very helpful testimony

  5. Daniel Johnston | September 24, 2020 at 3:57 PM | Reply

    TVJ need new Cameras now

  6. Cloth mask? do you think cloth mask would protect you? Cloth mask have no protection and people must know that.
    Neither me or my family would leave my house wearing a cloth mask, no way.
    We always wear either a kn95 or a N95 mask
    Let me tell you this people, if you are going to wear a cloth mask get your cloth mask made with a opening so you can insert coffee filters for your safety and for others safety also.

  7. Testimonials like his need to be shared on a wide scale so that folks can get a good sense of how serious this Covid-19 situation is. Healthy people like him have died from it. Besides, why be careless and risk having symptoms like his?

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