Jamaican Born Nurse Makes History – December 14 2020

Jamaican Born Nurse Makes History - December 14 2020 1

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13 Comments on "Jamaican Born Nurse Makes History – December 14 2020"

  1. Sell out

  2. we acting like this is a good thing… this is very bad.

  3. Bwoy unu inna everything even if a poison unu affi in a it and unu could a show wi 2 million jamaican american a tek vaccine we naaaaw tek none and by the way jamaican no do nothing freeee so how much they pay u to sell ur soul or did they threaten ur job ,citizenship or ur life let us know ok damn nuff an ifva the real thing u get caa a can trick dem a use u fi trick we a deception a run 2020

    • Horrian Mcintosh | December 15, 2020 at 3:45 PM | Reply

      Nuff respect to this comment, very good

    • A affi trick dem a try trick we. A nuh suh people convince somebody fi tek something like a Vaccine.

      Bill Gates finally have him name a ring again. That’s the aim. Him miss the center stage, eventhough him popular already and wealthy.

      Check out his posture while being interviewed lately. Nothing remotely sincere about this moronic creature.

  4. I do not agree you don’t know what’s in it okay it could be anything we do not know

    • @Horrian Mcintosh yes that is true but nobody know what kind of virus it is is supposed to came from China That’s overseas right I do not want nobody to spare mettaton me cuz I’m not a doctor I work for the government and imma keep my head on a level track

    • Horrian Mcintosh | December 15, 2020 at 7:09 PM | Reply

      @Deb Shuler I Respect your reply, Let me Help you, There’s only one VACCINE that is made for all MANKIND,the Media is used to bring Fear, the Vaccine will change your DNA, you will not be human anymore, small micro chips are in it to Enslaved you into a Artificial intelligence System, they will control your mind, you will not have no lot nor part with God anymore, THE DEVIL IS TAKING OVER, JESUS IS COMING SOON, READ REVELATION 13. GOD BLESS

    • @Horrian Mcintosh that’s why we have to show the devil he is a liar everything was going on it is in the Bible so I will respect you and I always will respect you I just don’t want to be no guinea pig to be spared Mountain on something that we don’t know how we might react towards it that’s all I am saying

    • Horrian Mcintosh | December 15, 2020 at 8:28 PM | Reply

      @Deb Shuler the movie I am Legend, will Smith, just watch it and this will show you what exactly is going to happen to the world after crazy people take this vaccine.

    • We already have enough of crazy people and Society what you think

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