Jamaican Children’s Home Shuttered | Homeless to be Vaccinated – May 7 2021

The Gov't has intensified their efforts to clamp down on children's homes in Jamaica, which continue to breach safety standards and licensing requirements.

0:00 – Introduction
3:21 – Jamaican Gov't & Homless Citizens being Vaccinated
9:41 – Fisher Folk in Jamaica still in Shock after Shark Attack
16:55 – Jamaican Diver Qualifies for Tokyo Olympic Games

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  1. Y the homeless ago get the j&j shot and all health ministries world wide are skeptical about it……homeless people lives matters

    1. I got the j& j March 19. Can you tell me what’s wrong with it. For your information J&J was questioned by Europeans because it & Astrazeneca used the same technology.

  2. A wicked dem wicked a get dem a get rid of the homeless caa dem no waa spend fi house them so say ,fada god we need a deliverer a little help here please god we really need u come by here.

  3. I thought the Prime Minister and the Health Minister said they won’t force this on anyone.

    1. God you see an know,The wicked ministry of health people dem .They know the purpose of the vaccine. Even when you take the vaccine you are not protected. Wait untill the zombie effect start (they are going to call it brain diseases). God sit high an he looked below ,who unto those people who are implementing an forcing it on the insane our brother an sisters .God is going to get you people !!!!

  4. To All adults: children should ALWAYS be the number one parity . These are a vulnerable class and we Must hold each other accountable for their well-being.

    1. FALSE ! In FACT children are NOT at risk for the covid 19. I’m not sure where your getting your information from but it’s FALSE! FALSE! FALSE!

  5. Jamaica needs to reduce their guidelines and how people are able to adopt children from the county.

  6. Homeless people have the best immune system in my opinion, considering what they are all open to on the streets. Why not try improving their lives as citizens, decent homes and access to healthcare, etc.

  7. So why not help these homes instead of closing them ,where will they put these children?

  8. Yes it must be done,the children can’t be taken from abused and neglected conditions only to be placed in the same or worse conditions.

  9. If I were able these children’s home will be rebuilt. I’m so sad to hear this about these children home🙏

  10. Who is subsidizing the children’s home. What’s the government is doing to help the children who are homeless.

  11. It is full time for children homes to become compliant with government standards and regulations for the safety of the children.

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