Jamaican Student Tiana Dinham Accepted to 13 Universities | TVJ Smile Jamaica

Jamaican Student Tiana Dinham Accepted to 13 Universities | TVJ Smile Jamaica 1


  1. You go Tianna. More and more blessings and may God continue to guide your journey. I am super proud of you hun.

  2. Finally some good and positive news! Let’s hope she’s going to make the best of her scholarships , I believe there’s so many young Jamaicans just as smart as this young lady but we continue to hold our children down with religious foolishness and self hate !

  3. This makes my heart so glad…well done young miss continue to shine ur guardians must feel so proud

  4. Congratulations Tianna 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 you will do great, you are so smart. I look forward to your success in the future

  5. Congratulations! Aim for the stars, and if you miss you’ll still be in the sky.
    As a school teacher these are the things I like to hear.

    1. Tiana god guidance and protection over your life wherever you are going blessings and more blessings over your life wherever you go go with god and his angels I am a Hanoverian too proud of you love you to the moon and back

  6. Congrats Tianna. Continue shooting for the stars! Ivy League Universities wanting my Hanoverian Sister. You go girl. Very proud of you.

  7. Congratulations young queen I’m very proud of you stay focus and make Jamaica proud 💯

  8. Tianna I wish you all all the best 👍❤💕you make us Jamaican proud all around the world 🌎new York are in the house

  9. Go Tiana! My favourite head girl! You’ve been a star from birth! and have grown into an incredible young woman through the years! The future of the world looks bright because of you and you’ve shown other young ladies that no matter where you come from, your economic status etc…You CAN be Great! Keep that light of yours shining Queen! God bless you💙.

    Big look for Mount Alvernia💙

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