Jamaica’s Bail Act with Peter Champagne | TVJ Smile Jamaica

Jamaica's Bail Act with Peter Champagne | TVJ Smile Jamaica 1


  1. The Government of Jamaica needs to create an actual bail program that includes Electronic monitoring with an ankle bracelet. What will happen is that if an offender is on bail for murder, or rape or robbery or other serious offences they cannot leave from where they are supposed to be living unless it is to go to court, to see their lawyer or to see a doctor. While the offender is wearing the ankle bracelet, they have to seek the permission of the bail officer before they can leave the area where they live. If they leave the area without permission then the bail is revoked and they are brought back to jail. With this type of program the authorities can monitor the whereabouts of the offenders to prevent them from going on to commit other crimes while they are out on bail.

    1. The JCF member needs better renumeration for their work yes, but what does that have to do with murderer getting bail or not getting bail.

  2. This Lawyer, is the epitome of evil 😈. He’s making his money 💰 from other people’s demise. I am just praying for the Criminals to turn on them. They have already sold their souls to the Demon 😈. They have no scruples whatsoever, and have no emphaty, or sympathy for the innocent victims who are getting killed in Jamaica everyday.

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