Jamaica's Ghetto Michael Jackson Fans Calls for Justice | TVJ #Shorts 1

Jamaica’s Ghetto Michael Jackson Fans Calls for Justice | TVJ #Shorts


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  1. So many stories going around about this situation..I feel for the lad as he clearly has Learning Disabilities making him vunerable..But he is an amazing dancer & entertainer, enjoying what he does. Money, it’s a Blessing but can be the Root of Evil. There’s too many trying to take advantage of him. I hope someone takes him under their wing and can teach or guide him

  2. Justice for what ….him not even can do Micheal Jackson’s move properly….would advice him to go get a job and enroll himself in HEART…

  3. Him nuh affi ave no true talent him a try n it work fi him. Suh fi all a who weh a comments bad about the likkle Ute. nobody nuh knw unnu.him deserve it.weh unnu knw bout sleepless night a dance.

  4. Yute man, go educate urself first!!!! Dance till you can’t, when you have some skool paper work in front of you!!!!!! Wake up less hype more reality

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