Jamaica’s History | Election 1980 | Fidel Castro Received The Order of Jamaica


    1. Oh please respected by who? Because of Fidel? We didn’t need that kind of respect or attention. What we needed to do was to create the environment that would encourage the private sector to produce…more jobs would be available and the trade deficit would not be what it is today. Good old Capitalism with appropriate regulations was and still is the answer to our problems.

    1. Rubbish….Jamaica killed it’s own economy. Both parties are at fault….the Socialist model was the problem…Socialism produces nothing no economic growth it only destroys it. To sum up Socialism you can use this saying from the perspective of those who lead it….What is mine belongs to me…what is your you share.

    2. @Nemshi Macapana so you’re saying because JA when they got indepenece introduced policies similar to free health care, public education and other wellfare policies stagnated/crippled the economy over night?
      Plz explain how these socialist policies crippled the economy and caused hundreds of business to go bankrupt.

    3. @Javier Davis They asked for a loan china gave them a loan simple dont blame china when they cant pay.
      Can JA look to the IMF and say we wont pay them back?

    4. @Marv antony Explain? Is JA a sheep? If so i agree Or are you saying I’m a sheep because as the saying goes ” when you point one someone three finger are pointing back at you”.

  1. That was a very decisive time in our country that dictates the pace we are now. Having know what i know now both parties should have align themselves with our powerful neighbour north and pursue separately other political idealogies steering towards economic and social growth. We are such a dependent country. Venezuela should be learning from us.

    1. You must not know the dangers of Socialism…Do a little on Socialism and see where it has been successfully…check from its inception.

  2. You guys should do more informational content like this for you channel. Do some investigative journalism on some pressing topics locally like how national geographic would when they visit this country. Don’t wait for outside media houses to come to the country and tell OUR stories. You guys also need to make sure that the reports are unapologetic, truthful and unbiased. 👊🏽

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