Jamaica’s Inflation 9.7% | Reggae Industry | TVJ Midday News – Feb 16 2022


  1. Goodbye affordable food….alot of Jamaicans are going to starve as long as the cost of living is controlled by the government.

  2. Jamaica were warned years ago to PLANT FOOD! but many of you say no to Farming you all want food from overseas that cost more an is no good

  3. Lyric content of these kinda reggae not education pure the quality of reggae is suitable to developing of young children

  4. Meanwhile, everyone else making a mint off reggae except the place where reggae originated from. You couldn’t make it up!

  5. I think the music change in Jamaica is like when the music change from sKia to reggae, but International people still embrace reggae. So reggae is doing better Internationally than locally, because the dancehall music is what the younger Jamaican embraced, unfortunately the guns lyrics and slackness won’t take them too far, because after two weeks no one wants to hear these songs anymore they disappear.

  6. These artists not making good music anymore pure slacknes in the dance hall now a days streagh up this is just my too cents

  7. How do I get in contact with the disability department? May I have a number? Can someone get in contact with me please?

  8. Fix the darm dollar that’s t bgg e only way you invest in the people how come every others country money is doing better in the country than ours

  9. We need a reggae holiday not a reggae month, as the artist was saying on one of our social media platform teach dem !

  10. It is so ironic , if we check out history Jamaica is the country that has set all the trends that is now known world over in fashion ,music ,language, slurrs,etc.. but due to the ignorance and pride of our culture even the lack of the mainstream media not exposing these on their platform on a regular basis…then the mass don’t understand their value..It only is known whenever we go to other countries and see how we r viewed then we understand.

  11. Dr Howards when talking about Reggae music, he should referred to generation just borne 25 year ago they’re the one who is not proude of their cultural heritage and suffering from PCT ,I am in the business 40 years i can recall traveling on plain i was the only Black person on the flight with my Records i go no radio station that never play reggae before i am not afraid of who i am a Jamaican We Reggae artist that bring the music to the world to name a few Derrick Morgan, Milley Small, Roy Shirley, Them A Isrealies. Justin Hinds and the Dominoes,, still play on air , Joe Hegg ,who taught The Wailers armoney, Jimmy Cliff, John Holt,,Here come Bob Marley and The Wailers, i can go on on who proud of carry Reggae music to the world. Producer like Sir Coxon, Studio One ,Ms Pat at Treasure Isle
    Randies Records at North Parade, ,Lesley Kong, Beverley ,Lee Perry ,Bunny Lee ,Channel one Joe Joe The Maytals , The Heptone, I Joe Gibb ,D.Brown is these yputh kill the reggae vibe they don’t know music they don’t have Band and is scaring off investor.and most of these socall stake holder don’t know how to innovated Reggae music to the next generation.and there are not buying the music or streaming it.

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