Jamaica's Lockdown Measures - Dennis Chung | TVJ Smile Jamaica 1

Jamaica’s Lockdown Measures – Dennis Chung | TVJ Smile Jamaica


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    1. them no care about that ! trust me I should know !! the root of the human essence that characterize this zeitgeist age is selfishness and self seeking agendas !!!!!!!!!

    2. Truth people are suffering and will continue to suffer…. Jamaican will hear about an earthquake warning and tsunami and ignore it….well you all please to prepare for one..God has already send His mouth piece to warn Jamaica please take this warning seriously.

    1. @Alicia Jackson Some may be but I think most of them have a Vail over there eyes because they don’t that a man without God is heart is wicked. The people can’t believe that a person/s can be so desperately wicked so they deny it.

    2. @ewan mcdowell true what you saying. And also they also love the world and it’s hard to believe what you love is killing you. The same system you believe is now not waiting anymore to bump you off slowly because time has been sped up deliberately by the Lord. Rough when you still can’t see it.

    3. @Alicia Jackson Yes that’s true but most of them God will open their eyes but they will not be able to manage all of that which was hidden from them and we who’s eyes were open will have to help them to digest it and recover.

    4. @Elizabeth Hall for sure because the God I serve is a covenant keeping God. Yeshua said in psalm 91:7 A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee. I believe His promises.

  1. Uno must pay him well fe do this, because he’s not thinking about the government who is not social distancing, and having crew ship party and ministers who is breaking curfew

  2. it seems like its the norm for the u.s.a to be a part of every one conversation whenever they are talking about our problems cant we think for our selves?

    1. USA is a continent and Jamaica a tiny island trying to compare with wastemen leaders. Jamaica must be compared with other islands or countries with similar populations, anything else is distraction tactics.

  3. Norway will end all COVID-19-related restrictions starting today (Saturday, Sept. 25), the government announced, joining a growing list of countries and states that have removed pandemic curbs.

    1. They’ve actually Reduced capacity in most cases & now nurses & Drs are being forced to take the untested, killer shots is causing staffng shortages! The shots ARE causing the increase in cases & infections! Look at the deaths over last 20 mos to the last few wks when the rate of ppl injected increased so did the infections! The shots ARE the varients! They are also trying to pit those injected against those who choose not to be to further divide us & try to pressure them into getting shots as they claim that’s the only way to return to normal… No, Herd Immunity is the way outta this & real herd immunity can only be achieved with natural infection NOT from a “vaccine” with 40% or less efficacy! They will try & take your rights away if you don’t take their poison, stand up & say NO NOW! If the shots worked why are the vaxxed the ones getting ill? They are the “super spreaders” & govt/health idiots are lying about the numbers again! Why are so many “fully vaxxed” in hospital? It’s NOT from the unjabbed, the vax IS the Varients & they Are spreading/shedding disease, they are to be avoided by the unjabbed!

  4. Jamaica people live your Lyfes, take your vitamins and herbs. You are the most health humon beings dat walk thru Lyfe…

  5. People Don’t gather at corner shop, they get their 1lb flour, big Gill a oil and them gone. Some people have to go shop every day why because not everyone have a fridge at home therfore those people will go to the shop everyday to get their little food. That is the reality.

  6. Boasting your fully poison with the big C, you need a reality check since fully poison and unpoison both can catch and spread the pestilence.

  7. I am so agreeable with what he is saying about the lockdown in Jamaica. Jamaica don’t have economical capability to lockdown

    1. @Nads FranksV Lot’s of Republican states haven’t gone crazy with lockdowns, masks & aren’t forcing an untested shot for a flu that for most is a 99.97% recovery rate, if you are overweight or have comorbitity issues & Choose to take the shot, that’s Your choice however nobody gets to make that choice for others! If your health is such that you feel safer injecting an unknown poison with no knowledge of any future harms, foolish, but again your choice BUT your poor health & fears don’t trump my rights to choose for myself.

    1. You can’t day the PM don’t know what he’s doing, he not making decisions on is own, and if you can run the country, run if PM of Jamaica

  8. During this pandemic and these lock downs where some salaries are still cut due to the short work hours. Taxi fare has increased, light bill is going sky high (JPS needs to be quarantined). Their are persons that make their money daily to feed their families, this government needs help

  9. Don’t forget that even though you are fully vaccinated you can still get COVID-19 and transmit it to others so the protocols would still have to be maintained. Vaccinated persons should also still be tested and quarantined if exposed. The hosts should have been wearing masks.

    1. Yes they r the ones transmitting the virus now, so why force people to take this jab after what is taking place in countries like Israeli, were up to 90% of infections and deaths r those who r fully vaccinated.

    2. And again I ask the question, why are we getting vaccinated again ????

  10. Thanks for a balanced intelligent discussion….excellent points. We should use all tools available. Protocols must be enforced.

  11. My question is, would all our analysts, business community, and well-thinking people sit and allow the PM to continue with this madness, if he hadn’t decided to reopen the Country??

  12. Educating the population on caring for themselves as early as possible when covid is suspected may be very helpful. The health Minister should look into other at-home treatments that are safe and provide some of these to prevent hospitalization.

    1. What abt the people with underlying illness. What if treatments cant help. Unuh wear mask an protect eavh other u all dont want to obey laws

    2. So true I had it twice in my house as quarantine up a week after someone else came in with it . Five of us in the house. Is how you handle the situation and both just had it slight not one complain. You are so right I keep saying so they need to educate the public how to go about home remedies. It was only who came in with it had it no other person catch it.

    3. @Naomi Hendricks Well we have to learn to take care of people with underline sicknesses, facts soon and very soon it is going to boil down like that ever man for he own self…..The real problem is to get the lungs detox and strengthen so that the cell can be healthy. When you lungs clean everything else will work. I am not taking bush tea because I have or had covid I am not treating COVID-19 I keeping my lungs healthy and strong. When you drink this mix home remedy you will see how the lot of mucus which almost every carry come up and you lungs feel so clean and clear. Secondly you don’t think is time for us to stop let the enemy fool us with a stupid law and check with God laws…we want some of the enemy wicked laws them and we ignoring God laws.

  13. Bless you all The research has never shown a lockdown to be scientifically effective against a virus. Please keep educating, bless bless

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