Jamaica's PM & Opposition Leader Gets Vaccinated | TVJ News - March 22 2021 1

Jamaica’s PM & Opposition Leader Gets Vaccinated | TVJ News – March 22 2021


After house for him to lead from the front the prime minister today took his first jab of the Astrazeneca covid 19 vaccine Opposition Leader Mark Golding, also took his jab saying it is an important signal to in supporting the government's vaccination drive.

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  1. Why run the camera crew from behind them, and all of a sudden the nurse inject the needle I’m really not convinced unnuh tek Jamaicans fi fool kmt!!!

    1. Thank you! Please stay away from all of it including the test too. All evil. And they know. Don’t be deceived ppl. Jesus is coming. Please get right with God this is the mark of the beast in our face read revelation 13 and 18:23 and chapter 114.Don’t let these evil ppl fool you

  2. I watch this video 3 times and I see at the end you guys show a different angle and still the needle didn’t enter his skin. What is this? Please do not play with ppl lives. God is Revealing all.

  3. Jamaican people open unnu eyes be wise, God give knowlege windom and understanting use it God help

  4. That needle didn’t even touch his arm she immediately looked at the camera after she committed that crime of deception against her people

  5. Most of my life iv been sick and getting injections I’m 100% sure from that video he did not get any injection !

  6. Fake Bullshizz!!! I am a proud Jamaican and this makes me embarrassed that dem tek we feh a bunch a clown!! Open your THIRD EYE PEOPLE!!

  7. I get what everyone is saying. They would have rather to see a close up shot of him getting the needle into his skin. We all know how skeptic jamaicans are. We need to see and we didn’t

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