James Carville: There Is No Chance Trump Will Be Re-Elected | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

James Carville: There Is No Chance Trump Will Be Re-Elected | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


    1. @J G WOW!!!! That is a ringing endorsement for Joe. With supporters like you, it is a guaranteed landslide for the President.

    2. Dan Chanquin

      What’s it like to be so dumb? I can’t quite fathom what it must be like to be a Trump supporter and not understand basic concepts.

    3. @Golden Eagle 22 well, only thing trump can do is lie, and increase his wealth by being president !… sad sack !

  1. If you think it’s in the bag and decide not to bother voting then a nasty shock will follow.

  2. Trump doesn’t even have CONTROL of his own BODY, If he gets reelected he will need a WHEEL CHAIR and an ELEVATOR to board Air Force 1. Check how he grabs the rail when he boards the plane. VIVA JOE BIDEN!!!!!!!!

    1. That was his best line ever! Talk about a Freudian slip! He’s already admitting defeat! Best thing out of his mouth since the last campaign! Woo Hoo!

    1. I agree 100%! I am pretty sure I’ve heard James Carville say that Joe Biden had no chance of beating DT! Be sure to get out and vote Blue up and down the ticket in November!

    2. @Snidely Whiplash Which one of those gaffes resulted in thousands of deaths from misinformation? Can’t quite put my finger on it…

  3. Meanwhile bunker chief speaks like a 5 yr old. “Un-nice?” Even autocorrect is like, man I got nothing

    1. Did you see Joe when he was babbling so incoherently that the American Sign Language interpreter just threw her hands up? She couldn’t follow along with his nonsense. It was hilarious.

    2. Dan Chanquin it’s all good, come November 4th the only sign everyone on earth will be be conveying to your imPOTUS🖕🏽

  4. A lot of GOP Senators & Congressman need the royal boot too. Maybe don’t love you? Correct. We HATE you!

  5. Better to have a president who makes honest mistakes when speaking than having a man who constantly lies 24/7. My dead dog from 1987 would be a better president.

    1. @Wesley Gordon Trump is a nightmare and his shenanigans are getting people killed. No thanks.

      Yankee? Who grew up in East TN? ROFLMAO

      You believe whatever makes it easier ok. LOL

    2. @Nikki Travis You do realize Biden has to debate Trump. Biden is so demented he can’t even talk with a teleprompter in the basement without making mistakes. It will be all over for Biden after the first debate.

  6. Hmmn. This is the same man that said back then, “Obama can’t win, if Obama wins I’ll eat crow!” I guess he ate 8 years of cajun crow.

    Anyway, I absolutely agree with his rationale, however nothing is done till it’s done. FOLKS GO OUT AND *VOTE* !

  7. Hannity: Do you have an AGENDA for your 2nd term?
    Trump: I have EXPERIENCE and it is very important to me
    USA: We have a Hydroxy-moron as the President and his brain wires are twisted

    1. Vanden….exactly; the Orange Bone-Spur Commando has no policy plan…just the continued failure as a president to offer….SMFH

    1. if Trump is a racist then why did he secure 250 million dollars to colleges and universities, hmm? why did he have a round table with the leaders of Detroit to find out how they can improve the quality of life in those low-income how come he created the first step act which allows prisoners of get out of jail to have a better start at life? Considering that most prisoners are probably black that’s really something racist presidents do right.. how come he just created a new executive order four skills trained hiring versus college degree hiring so that nobody without a college degree will have a low paying job ever again thanks to Trump you don’t know what he’s doing because you are too one-sided and pigheaded to look for yourself at the facts

  8. I have never understood why so many people act as though voting is like having a root canal. Sacrifice a few minutes of your time and help insure Trump is pulled out of the White House.

    1. I if I had to have several root canals to keep Trump out of office, I would ask my dentist to do it all immediately and all at once

    2. As a Canadian, a woman and someone who grew up hearing about how important how our voices are, from my single mother, it is a privilege, an honour and a right to vote so don’t just throw it the f**k away!

  9. There will be “NO” come to Jesus with tRump, he doesn’t believe in Jesus don’t to fooled Christians!

    1. I think the whole Jesus nonsense is bunk. I bet he never even existed. It shows the level of intellect in people.

      Y’all been played like a fiddle.

      Christianity is a cult of anti-intellectuals. I put zero credence in selfish religions.

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