January 6 Committee Shows Seriousness About Investigation

Rachel Maddow reports on the vast range of documents being sought by the House Select Committee on the January 6th Attack, a sign that the committee intends to get real answers, and why some members of Trumpworld and the Republican Party are right to feel anxious. 

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  1. Jim Jordan couldn’t remember when he talked to the insurrectionist in-chief but the phone records should help him remember.

    1. Gym Mat Jordan is liable for sedition charges even though the statute of limitations has run out on his aiding and abetting sexual abuse.

    2. @Jon Jon are you sure you didn’t see the “Jews in Space” sequence from Mel Brooks’ “History of the World, Part One”?

  2. America deserves to know why people died and who organised, coordinated and funded the attack on America’s Democracy on January 6.

    1. It sounds to me that they already know that these documents exist. If that’s so, we hopefully can get the popcorn out soon and watch them go to jail, where they actually belong since Jan. 6th.

    2. @Nicholas Parker look what the Democrats did to all Democrat ran cities Kamala Harris raises fund to bail rioters out of jail look it up The Democrats are the crooked ones do some research simple as that

    1. @Maxine he says half a sentence, redirects, another half a sentence, redirect.
      i don’t know how any logical person derives anything from his absolute gibberish.

    2. @Annie ive been bidens neighbor for 15 plus years. he has a stutter and always has. depending on certain situations he stutters in some situations more than others. and to be honest he stutters worse when he is more relaxed and around people he is comfortable around, like close friends and family.

    1. One of the nuts who plotted to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer just got 6 years for his part in that plot. And he cooperated with the prosecution. I am sure some of the Jan 6 insurrection nuts are facing charges that can get them at least that much time.

    2. @Julian Crooks – That’s the way prosecutors work. They start with the very least serious charges and work their way up. The guy who got 6 years in Michigan was just that. The other conspirators are now thinking whether they should cooperate or not. As prosecutors work their way up the Jan 6 food chain, more and more will flip. You can’t put somebody in prison for 10 years if they were just in the Capitol, taking videos and posting them but never planned to be there. They weren’t conspirators.

  3. Rachel Maddow, you have done it again. You have just made a great point. I can’t wait to see how things will unfold.

    1. @N Q I know the copium was at an all time high that day. 😂🤣 We have memes on the right for decades now. God they were pathetic.

    1. “The punishment for treason shall be death “ – 15 US Code 2381
      “An act of insurrection is an act of treason.” – Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story, 1842

    2. You are right! Hunt down every single blm member and punish them to the fullest extent of the law!

    3. @Nicholas Parker Stupid. The BLM protests are a completely different situation. 🙄
      Bless your ignorant heart.

  4. Watching the trolls try to put the brains back in their exploding heads is almost as much fun as watching Trump allies try to put the worms back in the can :0)

    1. @Damon If you’ve finished picking up your brains, (not too many, I expect), I think you’ll find a clue here and there to fill up the gaps.

    2. @Damon If you’ve finished picking up your brains, (not too many, I expect), I think you’ll find a clue here and there to fill up the gaps.

    3. @eclectrickery the only people that need to “pick up their brains” as a result of the January 6th stuff is the unarmed woman that was shot in the face.

  5. Bannon, Stone, Flynn, D’Souza got let off the hook and they went right back to being jackasses. Serious jail time for these people will stop them from doing this again.

    1. @Hagnuj The stupid thing is, there never was a threat to free speech. The republicans really meant there should be a threat to common sense.

    2. @Ugh, the humanity! Yes just as trump said. Those who commit treason should be in front of a firing squad. Remember that???

    1. @Punny Money With a brain? Well, I doubt that! I would rather say without a brain. However I find it difficult to accept you as “legitimate”.

    1. Dude they’ve been trying to get dirt on Trump for over 5 years at this point. Leave persecution of political opposition to the third world countries.

    2. @Dean C They have HAD dirt on T-Rump for five years. But they had the sycophantic Reslugs to deal with. Not any more. Besides, I want it to drag on a while. It gives the rats time to decide from which side of the ship they are gonna dive and it gives me time to savor the shadenfreude. MORE POPCORN, JALEPENO POPPERS, and TEQUILA! Heading for my recliner.

    3. @kim weaver Trump and the wealthy are famous for death threats to family members and relatives. This has been going on for as long as we’ve been alive and longer. That is one reason they need massive, block movements, a unified front, to take walking garbage like Trump and his top supporters to the mat. You no doubt have run into Trumpets who, after losing an argument based on facts, threaten you with violence? It’s their go to behavior pattern.

  6. Looks like Kevin’s McCarthyism is falling apart…shoulda agreed to the Independent Commission the Republicans had equal power in, huh? Dummy!

  7. There’s so much going on here. I really want to see the Martin Scorcese mini-series about these events.

    1. I agree. This whole saga, if it’s ever resolved, will undoubtedly make into the biggest film of all time.

    2. You just know that one of these three is thinking up ideas of a film or miniseries about this-Scorsese , Oliver stone, Adam McKay

  8. If this is done properly, or allowed to be done properly, it’s going to be big: it could very well include every dept in the country: police, Senatirs, law enforcement, the list is endless.

    1. Which would those be, where the Republicans wanted to investigate BLM, antifa, election irregularities etc. Maybe where they wanted to investigate the lack of security and refusal of national guard?

    2. @Thomas Murphy You don’t make any sense. Who moved the goalposts, what stopped Trump from investigating BLM and the others if he wished, famous as he is for rushing to court? Hint: In the real world, there was never anything to investigate. Those allegations are all based on conspiracy theories. Prove me wrong, I dare you.

  9. Not surprised Mike Flynn’s brother was in on it. They had to remain loyal ‘team players’ for Lord King Trump.

  10. Time to get this figured out and around the insurrectionists up all of them then go after the main slime bucket down in Mar-A-Lago

  11. The Republican party doesn’t want this commison to get to the bottom of this because when they do that’s where they’ll find several members of the Republican party.

    1. @Punny Money Trying to tell us where to look when you can’t even find the misplaced apostrophes in your own post 😭

    2. @Novaseul says someone who believes MSNBC is news 😂😂😂 let me guess, Trump supporters are racist right?

    3. FBI already said there was “scant” evidence of some vast conspiracy connecting Trump to the mostly peaceful January 6th protest.

  12. This keeps getting better and Better. Also the 9 attorneys who are being held accountable for their lies in court.

  13. There clearly was a coup! The fact that it failed doesn’t mean those “Republican” criminals shouldn’t be held accountable.

    1. Coup – – ATTEMPT. I believe an actual coup is (God forbid) they had “succeeded.” Failed coup attempts are absolutely still completely criminal. They should be imprisoned for life !

  14. Hey Christopher Mitchell: We all SAW the memo!! You’re going down, as is everyone else who had a hand in the delay that day!

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