Japan may dump radioactive nuclear waste from Fukushima into Pacific

Japan may dump radioactive water from the damaged Fukushima power plant into the Pacific Ocean. Angie Seth reports.

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  1. Releasing this water into the ocean is a stupidest thing they could do. Radioactive waste does not break down in water.

    1. @Anthony Aguilar so Japan has so much nuclear waste it doesnt know where to put it and your solution is the Atom Bomb? Are you daft?

    1. BIG A in Chernobyl after the radiation spreaded kids had extra limbs and the elderly dies which is sad and scary while Fukushima had children but if they had extra limbs then it would of been the same thing as Chernobyl

    2. This is not worse than Chernobyl moron. A China Syndrome almost happened in Chernobyl which would have affected the Earth’s mantle and core. Dumping waste into the ocean is something almost every Seaport country does. You’re just so stupid you can’t think of another point of reference other than the most recent Netflix special about Radioactive and nuclear waste, which you clearly didn’t pay attention to. Otherwise, you know the difference between Chernobyl and other nuclear disasters.

  2. All you need to know Japan’s “Environmental” minister wants to flush radioactive isotopes into the Pacific Ocean

    1. It’s allready been done by USA bomb testing after WW 2. Read up on it. Also nuke waste incased in concrete. Left over chemical weaponry from war dumped in metal drums thousands of tons. Oh well as long as we ban plastic straws we will be ok.

    1. The last known time radioactive waste dumping has been a 1982 in the Atlantic ocean. Near Europe.

      We only dump low levels, high levels would be something new.

    2. @The Tick Low levels that cannot be treated conventionally because it’s critically dangerous to health? If it was so low levels they wouldn’t have to worry about keeping it contained in containers.

  3. There’s already a nuclear waste vault to be used as a world repository being built. All Japan has to do is sit on it for a while… and just be Zen while its being constructed.

    1. @Dude My mistake. Many countries nuke this planet for testing. Hydrogen was used by the Russians I believe, that one was much bigger.

  4. This isn’t new…. in 2013, TEPCO admitted 300 tons (71,895 gallons/272,152 liters) of contaminated water is pouring into the sea each day.

    1. Because they don’t control earthquakes??? That’s like saying you should be killed if you’re tire pops and you hit someone. It’s not your fault that your tire popped, so why should you be killed?

    2. @Sheev Palpatine
      But if you built your radioactive tire on a fault line and it popped and kills someone you are held liable.
      You really should have known better

    3. Why hasn’t any nations help Japan and come up with solution or aiding them? Do you remember how many died during the earthquake disaster? Greenpeace and other NGOs did nothing to help

    1. Well I’m pretty sure she’s a news reporter reading off a teleprompter and not a scientist but that’s just a guest.

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