Jason Chaffetz Demands DOJ Preserve Hillary Clinton Files 11/3/16

Jason Chaffetz Demands DOJ Preserve Hillary Clinton Files 11/3/16 1


Jason Chaffetz Demands DOJ Preserve Hillary Clinton Files 11/3/16

Jason Chaffetz has sent a letter to Loretta Lynch and the Department of Justice demanding that all files pertaining to the Hillary Clinton investigation be preserved.

Jason Chaffetz vs Hillary Clinton – November 3, 2016


24 Comments on "Jason Chaffetz Demands DOJ Preserve Hillary Clinton Files 11/3/16"

  1. Tammy Ruvalcaba-Wright | November 4, 2016 at 1:54 AM | Reply

    ABC lies!

  2. I find it hard to decide who is the bigger witch from hell cliton or kelly
    .They are both Jezebels who need to be thrown out the window to the dogs .

    • her thinly veiled i’m a nice person act is overpowered by the underlying
      full blown straight up evil witch lurking just under the surface

    • It was hysterical when FOX news Murdoch said anybody out there would pay
      her 20 Million/year..and yet not one channel has made any such offer..rofl.

    • +San Tan, Kelly is a fucking traitor, I hate that woman. Trump called her
      out for what she is a long tome ago, he has good instincts when it comes to

    • Well, Megyn surely did throw herself to HC’s spoiled minge. Gnarly!

  3. Angie Cordeiro | November 4, 2016 at 2:13 AM | Reply

    Pay to play is the Clinton Foundation’s M.O.
    BAU while they continue to kill livable habitat on spaceship Earth. CBS
    report this evening:


  4. The only evidence they need, both Congress and the FBI already have. The
    security clearance waver that all who’re privy to classified information
    have to sign, especially those at the top secret level she’s at is all they
    need. It clearly states that under no circumstances, whether by intent or
    mishandling shall classified information be tampered with. Not only is the
    act of having a private server for classified info illegal and specifically
    prohibits anyone who does so from ever holding office again, but she also
    did this with atleast 10 other unprotected mobile devices and destroyed
    them when subpoenad by Congress.

    • i know right, i totally agree. it doesn’t make sense. they’ve spent most of
      the time arguing what constitutes ‘intent’ but it doesn’t matter because
      its a criminal act to misuse classified information. and she did, and then
      she lied about it, and then she got caught lying. if being caught lying
      isn’t the single best proof next to a confession of intent in this
      situation then i don’t know what is. i mean the fact that hillary has been
      the first lady, a senator, secretary of state and now a presidential
      candidate MUST outweigh the excuse “i didn’t know i was going to be
      receiving classified information”. shes literally been doing it for her
      entire adult life. and she DECIDED to use a personal email server for
      CONVENIENCE. that shows either a complete lack of regard for the safety of
      the classified information, or a complete lack of common sense and any kind
      of intellect required to hold a position like ‘president’.

  5. If she wins I have a feeling people may storm the White House or protest
    her when she’s sworn in
    God help us all trump must win 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  6. Anyone who thinks that any government entity would respect a letter from
    congress to preserve documents is delusional.
    Until we can create a way to lock up those who believe they are above the
    law. Whether it’s the IRS or the DOJ. you had better get use to lady
    justice lifting her blindfold to give them a wink.

  7. Ms. Kelly, explain your demeaning to women appearance on Howard Stern.

  8. Olkeriil Remengesau | November 4, 2016 at 3:51 AM | Reply

    Congressman Chaffetz is right about Mr. Trump. Maybe after Trump become
    President Hillary should go and congratulate Trump and wash his mouth with
    soap. I VOTED for Trump. So make sure you vote today or vote on November
    8th. Thanks

  9. yeah right make america a more corrupt place and vote for clinton you jerk

  10. hillary didnt do anything wrong, trump suporters are mouth breathers

  11. I hope the records don’t go missing like usual

  12. HEEEYYYYY, if i had knw Kelly was doing this interview i would have SKIPPED
    IT! Wish there was a way to flag media w ANY Kelly directed content.

  13. The Jiu Jitsu Life | November 4, 2016 at 3:17 PM | Reply

    Hillary hurt our NATIONAL SECURITY.

    She SOLD US OUT.

    She is a criminal. BUT, not just an ordinary criminal. She committed

    How dare Megan “CNN” Kelly bring up Trump enjoying hot women that THROW
    THEMSELVES at him? What Trump said was normal and HEALTHY for alpha men.
    Hillary should HANG for what she did. Apples and Oranges?!?! Hell, those
    two things are not even remotely comparable.

  14. When will they freeze all of the Cintons assets? They need to that before
    all that money disappears, she already moved 1.5 billion or so to a Qatar

  15. As crazy as it sounds, I heard she can pardon herself!! I certainly hope
    that isn’t true, it sounds completely corrupt to me, and if obooma does,
    there goes any respect out the door for him. But its a known fact they hate
    each other, so maybe he won’t step in.

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