Jason Johnson Calls For Abolishing American Policing As It Currently Exists | Deadline | MSNBC 1

Jason Johnson Calls For Abolishing American Policing As It Currently Exists | Deadline | MSNBC


Following the resignation of the Brooklyn Center, MN police chief and the officer who shot Daunte Wright, contributor to The Grio Jason Johnson, retired Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best, and former Congresswoman Donna Edwards discuss the need for policing reform in the U.S. Aired on 04/13/2021.
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Jason Johnson Calls For Abolishing American Policing As It Currently Exists | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. One issue is that cities hire cops that score very high on aggression scales. So those folks go into every situation with the idea that force is necessary and “soft skills” are useless. There is no possible reason why an unarmed kid with a misdemeanor warrant should be dead at the hands of cops. When the only tool in your arsenal is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. It’s simply BS.

    1. Well said. I would like more information on why we have private agencies training our police? If the training is parsed out, how can responsibility be addressed throughout the system?

  2. The people wanting to be cops have the wrong personality/character. Their is Chauvin and Porter in every police precinct. Before becoming a cop they need to go a thorough psychiatric evaluation. Including interviews with family members. If you’ve been bullied or have been seen in your family as being weak or a coward you cannot be a cop. Anytime these type of personalities get reminded of that by citizens they cannot handle it and want to show superiority. There is Chauvin/Porter waiting to go off in every precinct.

  3. It seems to never GET anywhere! This problem is not normal. From an outsider! Not OK.
    I thought there’d be a return dialogue from the police and the government. This is crazy.

    1. American has zero credibility to lecture China and others on human rights, governance and equity. The frequency at which such abhorrence occurs and its deliberate pattern of shooting black people whom they perceive are easily disposable is deeply troubling.
      The cameras are only showing what has been occurring since the country came into existence. That shame needs to end. America doesn’t appear interested to halt this. A UN Human Rights Commission is urgently needed and is certainly overdue on this?

  4. “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome”. (Albert Einstein)
    So, ask your LOCAL, STATE and FEDERAL representative what they are doing DIFFERENTLY to improve your life outcomes!!
    By the way, the definition applies to ALL MEDIA OUTLETS and PERSONS as well…
    DO NOTHING, SAY NOTHING, HEAR NOTHING…we shall see where YOU end up, just take your time, as long as you dare…

  5. When you see a person holding a gun ready to shoot, what do you think is going to happen next? I was always taught that you never point a gun at someone unless you intend to shoot them. There is no other reason to point a gun at someone.

    1. Not to mention that they give people complete panic attacks and then expect immediate perfect obedience, all within the first minute… and then increase violence within seconds of not getting the results they demand!

  6. The body cam video is only just starting. And look at the reactions already. The body cams have moved the needle as have the handheld phones. The BLM marches last year have also moved the needle.

    1. Eluded our country for almost a year injured 700 police officers killed 19 people and cause 3 billion dollars worth of damages all while protesting police brutality and 70% of the businesses they burned were black owned. Yeah they moved the needle all right

    2. @Jake Padgett Statues of confederate traitors have been removed, the confederate flag has been banned, sports teams and musicians have changed their names, buildings have been renamed Kelly Loeffler was forced to sell her team and a multitude of racists have lost their job and that was only in the last 11 months! Just getting started!!

    3. @Mario Cavett Not yet. But, the new administration is much more supportive of the reviews, which will help. Actually this administration may encourage and start their own reviews. If there are more blm marches this summer, the president will not be encouraging white supremacists and right wing anarchists to be bringing their firearms and pepper balls to harass the marchers. The entire metric is changing. The entire country (world) feels the change. Thats why so many republican states are desperately changing voter right laws. This is the tipping point .

    4. @Billy Pardew Well, seeing as the FBI and DHS reports strongly implicated right wing militia groups in the arson and destruction that took place, usually after the marches ended. Do you really think the “black” marchers burned “black” businesses? How freaking dumb are people?
      60 million, I’ll repeat that number for you, 60 million Americans participated in the BLM marches. Those marches marked the BIGGEST, MOST DIVERSE protest marches in US history. 95% 0f those marches were completely peaceful. The only marches that involved violence and destruction were those in which right wing/white supremacists were present.
      Chew on that .

  7. Most modern western democracies have a single national police force with consistent standards of recruitment and training across the board.(Not to mention a huge reduction in administration and procurement costs.)

    1. @Dacia Project That’s the problem.

      The solution is a federalized police department; a central agency which oversees branch agencies in each state to ensure they are up to standard.

      Each branch in turn splits off to manage its various counties, municipalities, and towns.

      But having a singular core standard is the important part.

  8. Every PD need root out their bad apples they are turning policing in a legalize arm gangs meanwhile these who shoot schools malls movie theaters churches are taken a live .

  9. These police officers in VA should be arrested for assault. One looks like a kid with a gun, not knowing what to do.

  10. Thanks Nicole and it has to be nice able to grow up and not think about police ever . To hear and see their blue light drive right past you.

  11. Dutch police is trained 3 years, US police 3 to 6 months. Dutch police has to justify even drawing a gun! All incidents involving police are investigated by a special central department with only very experienced policemen.

    1. Other countries held a police badge with honor and duty…some people here held the badge to bully people and they think they can operate with impunity.

  12. I agree that we need a big change in our law enforcement system. There have to be requirements for people to be allowed to police. There also should be a tracking system that would show when an officer shows signs of having power issues so they can be removed before someone gets killed.

  13. Get out of the car, get on the ground after George Floyd? Who among us wants to be on the ground with these cops with guns. He could have been murdered for nothing. The government has to pass sweeping legislation.

  14. Perhaps America should look at how other Western countries police their communities. As a youngster (a long time ago), I remember we in the U.K. had an exchange system where officers from other countries would spend time with our Police departments to experience how we approach crime at all levels & the steps taken depending on the seriousness of the situation. One of my nephews, who is a serving Police officer & has several diplomas (after five years of college ), related to individuals behavioural traits, mental health issues, teaches not only new recruits but also time served officers how to deal with & how to react to criminal behaviour, how to defuse a situation & community policing in general. There has to be a better way forward for America & yes it has to be a two way street. It’s not acceptable to destroy property to get your message across that you’re angry at the way you have & are being treated but it’s understandable when you’re being treated as second class or even worse, worthless members of society. It’s surely time for equal “policing” for all Americans ……….. isn’t it ?

  15. We have to get rid of bad police officers either jailed if they’re accountable or let them pay the people they hurt or killed..

  16. When you keep finding so many bad apples, at some point you might want to find out what’s wrong with the tree.

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