Jason Kenney criticized over $16K charter flight for other premiers 1

Jason Kenney criticized over $16K charter flight for other premiers


As Amanda Anderson reports, the premier is defending a $16,000 flight he chartered to get several Canadian premiers to Saskatoon.


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  1. Like they’d all be driving back and forth… eh??
    Lots and lots of miles out here to cover by highway and byway.
    So how many couldn’t make it then???
    Oh yeah…Trudeau has 2 jets.
    Prayers for ALL of Canada

  2. I heard Notley ask about this; the socialist who put AB into over $40,000,000,000.00 of debt with eff all to show for it.

  3. Who does he think he is, a Liberal? Take two planes, one for you and one for your cargo and extra entourage if that’s the case. Trudeau flew an Indian chef from Canada with him to India to prepare his family Indian food. Makes sense to me. You got a way to go to beat Blackface’s reckless spending, but he gets away with it because he marches in parades.

  4. Jason there will be a microscope watching you by all the same fools that yell, scream, and shout over every missteps they can find……..while doing it themselves. Yes Rachel you are troubled that we we voted you out……..now please go find Greta, she is looking for a climate fool to run her future campaigns.

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