Jason Kenney to turf Alberta’s embattled health minister: sources

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  1. something tells me the health Minister has had enough of the coronavirus fraud and he has to replace them with someone else who’s willing to play ball

    1. More likely tired of bogans harassing and threatening front line medical workers. Take another hit of horse medicine.

    1. You should also sue the anti vaxxers and anti maskers who helped raise your case load in Alta. Most of them have no excuse at this point in the pandemic, to simply walk around spreading it and adding to the crisis.

  2. Should have turfed himself. But it’s all about ‘him’!
    Sacrificial lamb takes the hit for the Premier’s incompetence.

  3. LOCK KENNY UP! LOCK KENNY UP! LOCK KENNY UP! When are the lawsuits coming for negligence in failing to protect the public from Kenny’s “open for COVID summer”!

  4. He raised the price of cigarettes twice secretly during the lockdown to the highest price in the world just when we needed them for our sanity.

  5. Rachel Notley’s reponse? “What we saw today from the premier was not an apology. It was an embarrassing attempt to duck responsibility.”
    And Kenney’s reply?  “Quack”.

  6. Isn’t it Trudo’s fault not to buy more ICU beds? He took 1.5 trillion as the national dept. Where is the money?

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