JDF Probes Soldiers Involved in Altercation in Denham Town | TVJ News – May 5 2022

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  1. What a gwaan inna yard nowadays? Jamaican civilians and Soilders used to have mutual respect for each other. It seems everything changed.

  2. These people need to respect the rule of law and stop interfering in law enforcement matters

  3. Ministry of security need fi send back the soldier n watch how them bawl back say them a dead off

    1. Remember theirs still good people living in those communities,no one had respect for each other anymore,the woman should be charged period,these people make things bad for others,charge her for perverting the course of justice

  4. This kind of slackness and indiscipline from the public needs to stop. Somehow, we feel we must become confrontational and up in the faces of the security forces, and that cannot be allowed to continue. That is what they need to investigate and put an end to. In the USA when police (or the national guards when called out) are detaining someone, the public has to stand a distance off so that there is no interference and no risk of harm to members of the security forces. You violate that distance of separation and you are going to jail. Far too often in Jamaica the public creates a “higgler-market” scene when someone is being detained by members of the security force; and when they react, people take out phones to selectively show you what the lawmen are doing. How much longer must this continue before the authorities move to change this blatant disregard for law and order? That is what needs to be investigated.

    1. While he has no right to kick her. Where is the rest of the video. Something must had happened before all that we saw leading up to that moment. There is more to that story they dnt show what they have done but they show when one try to defend them self.

    2. @Latty Jaye In my comment I made no argument as to who was right or wrong, so I am not sure what exactly in my comment that you are disputing. I pointed out a practice of public interference that needs to stop. Either you agree that public interference needs to stop, or you don’t. And regardless, why would you be disputing an argument that I did not even make?

    3. @Latty Jaye who said anything about the soldier being right to kick her? Where did you see anyone say that?

    4. These Jamaican are too indiscipline and they using poorness as un excuse for people sympathy If they don’t want to see the security forces in they area ,stop Aid on Abetted Criminal, stop getting confrontational with Security Forces, allow them to do their job, I have never see Jamaican came out to demonstrate again criminal murder their love one ,but as the Police step on their foot new media and placard, what is bad for the goose must bad for the gander, also..

  5. No disciplinary action should be taken against the soldier It is trained as a soldier not the police officer

  6. Discipline the soldier for this and the others will be afraid to do their job, then, neither jcf nor jdf will stand a chance in reducing crime. Crime fighting starts with maintaining order & discipline among civilians. Everybody’s big bad n mighty these days.

  7. The residents need to stay inside their premises whenever the Security forces come to do their jobs

  8. There is nothing here to be probe these people are too disrespectful the soilder should beat the he’ll out of them I am a senior citizen and I have never seeing so much disrespect shown to our law enforcer. This could never happen here in the states

  9. This is why the crime is out of control because every body posting video and backing these disrespectful people the JDF was just doing their jobs

  10. Pull the military out of those communities because its abvious there service is not needed. These are the same ppl crying for help when them get help they disrespect the law and still expect the law to help them. Where is the rest of the video before the law man made the attack. They always show what the law men do but they never show what they do that lead up to the law men acting in that manner. Not that I condole with what he did. But something must have triggered him to behave in that way. It’s the government system that give these civilians rights to behave how they do. It’s only in Jamaica you find these disrespect against the Law. Make she go a next country go try that.

    Gone were the days when I saw a military worker and would be so afraid. I would not even want to pass because of the things use to happen back then. But them communities get so use to the law that they dnt even care any more. Its like these law men rights have been stripped.

  11. If they are law abiding citizens they must allowed the security Force to do their job , If you don’t want them in your Community, then Stop Aid and Abetting Criminal, I don’t think the Soldiers want to be there in the first place .people stop use poor is not a crime, just do the right thing.

  12. ๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’ and what exactly did the military personnelโ€™s did wrong. They knew the consequences THIS IS NOT EUROPE OR THOSE OTHER CRAZY COUNTRIES you canโ€™t physically attack trained military personnel without expecting what you got.

  13. To be honest these people are too be blamed. This is complete disregard for the law enforcement officer. I see soldiers getting kicked in their uniform by members of the public in these communities and people say soldiers are soft however when they retaliate and defend themself we want to probe and investigate the soldiers. I donโ€™t see anything wrong with what the soldier did

  14. Kudos to JDF personnel for showing that much restraint!! We should have at least 3 less kerosene to deal with today!! Law enforcement along dem have strength fah!!

  15. This is why this little island will not get better these people like to obstruct law enforcer too much,especially women there must be a strong message be send to the women of this country always obstructing law enforcer that is what need to be probe.

  16. Find this man and give him a medal.
    Security forces should leave them to the mercy of the gangs.

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