1. @William R – It was lame – a clumsy effort to turn a phrase into a witticism. It fell flat. It’s like you introducing your wife to someone and they say, “Damn, your sister’s ugly!” Just lame and stupid. And who sez “soy boi” outside of the cult? Sheesh…

    2. @LUIS VELEZ *”you ever in college…”*
      I’m afraid I have more higher educ than you will ever afford and you would love my life I assure you. But you mention pig farms and I happen to know someone w/ an extremely lucrative pig farming and rendering plant business in the mid west. You would love his life too.

    3. @52 80 All the Generals are gone , they could not work with a man /child . they come from a world of fighting men not tweeting boys .i t makes me sick when the USAF officers and NOC s salute this clownish draft dodger when he walks from the US AIR FORCE jet , it is not his plane . it is the Americans peoples PLANE .

  1. I wouldn’t acknowledge the dead body in plain sight as well lol. This is beyond the emperor has no clothes on. Haha

    1. Trump isn’t going anywhere until 2024 you can state “the emperor has no clothes” all you want. The problem with you liberals is you can’t acknowledge all the good Trump has done so far…he ‘s unbeatable

    2. ​@52 80 Projecting much? Don’t assume that the rest of us are unread, stupid, or ignorant. Ever heard of the ‘Crimean War’, ‘Charge of the Light Brigade’, ‘the Black Sea fleet’, or the ‘Crimean Peninsula’ sticking out from under Russia? Go back to stirring your gumbo.

    3. @Eva Luna *”As a European…”*
      I agree in that Zionist banking cartel ultimately rule both continents thru deception and disruption. The difference is Trump is doing what needed to be done decades ago, since the same Zionist banking cartel killed JFK for threatening their Golden Goose, our Federal Reserve.

    4. @52 80
      Come back to me with your ‘Trump is fighting against the Zionists’ defense after Kushner’s fake Middle Eastern peace plan is unveilled, dumbass.

  2. “There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.”
    ― Soren Kierkegaard

    1. Daniel Djr , your clown is not doing anything that of consequence, ask the middle class or the poor if they care about the economy, I bet they couldn’t spell the word . You guys are so brainwashed that this people argue from both sides of their buts . All does lawyers reversed themselves from what they presented when Clinton was impeached. (Liars )

    2. William Polk Jr , you fox viewers can’t even handle truth from fox 🦊 wow 😳 that’s makes it plain you guys are in a cult , don’t say anything bad about the dear leader , guys he is not a king 👑…

    1. @Ihateliber alswithapassion Mexico will pay for the wall, I’ll show my taxes when…, I never met Stormy Daniels, there will be a middle class tax break before the (2018) mid terms, my inauguration crowd was the largest in history, there was widespread voter fraud, I said I didn’t know why it WOULD’NT be him ( on Big Daddy Vladdy’s interference in the 2016 election), I’m the most transparent president in history, fake news ( which usually means that someone has called bullshit on one of his lies), Michael Cohen was a coffee boy. I’m fully aware that you’re trolling and like most Trump supporters when you say something so demonstrably false, you’re not seeking an answer you’re seeking an argument because anger and hatred are the fuel that you run on. Trump manufactures enemies, comes up with sophomoric insults and his cultists instead of using reason decide to be angry. The whole thing is Hitleresque in its depravity. I’m not engaging any further, not because I have no argument but because I understand that it’s quite pointless: I won’t change your perspective and you certainly won’t change mine. BTW Google for the full list of lies. Be well my friend.

  3. Ken Starr lamenting the “age of impeachment” is like Col. Sanders lamenting that we eat too much fried chicken.

    1. @Ihateliber alswithapassion but Trump is a sexual predator. At least Bill’s trysts were with consenting adults.

    2. @Phatkillz Four of Bill Clinton’s victims have officially accused him of sexual assault and rape.

    3. @Ihateliber alswithapassion That’s true.
      “The president is corrupt”
      “President Trump is a sexual predator”

      Both truthful allegations.

    1. Make believe facts and allegations are not “truth”.But you leftists are too stupid to tell the difference.

  4. When John Bolton decides to leave your administration because there are too many crimes going on, you know it’s a dumpster fire of failure.

    1. @DigitalSynapse0101 was fired for pushing war ideology, you’re an being laughed at with the stupidity you just spoke.👏

    2. @Marcus Izbala its amazing you want to call someone names and tell them to think for themselves. But everything you know is from CNN, isnt it funny how defensive and angry peopl resort to name calling.

  5. “A good leader takes a little more than his share of the blame, a little less than his share of the credit.” –Arnold Glasow

    1. “It was always known by his friends, and it was soon acknowledged by the whole nation and by the English themselves, that in [George] Washington, America had found a leader who could be induced by no earthly motive to tell a falsehood, or to break an engagement, or to commit any dishonourable act.” — William Edward Hartpole Lecky, in The History of England in the Eighteenth Century Vol. III, p. 468
      “Integrity and firmness is all I can promise; these, shall never forsake me although I may be deserted by all men; for of the consolations which are to be derived from these under any circumstances, the world cannot deprive me.”
      — George Washington, April 1, 1789, Letter to Henry Knox, Major General under George Washington in the U.S. Continental Army, First United States Secretary of War from 1789 to 1794
      “His integrity was most pure, his justice the most inflexible I have ever known, no motives of interest or consanguinity [nepotism], of friendship or hatred, being able to bias his decision. He was, indeed, in every sense of the words, a wise, a good, and a great man. … In his expenses he was honorable, but exact; liberal in contributions to whatever promised utility.”
      — Thomas Jefferson describing George Washington, in a letter to Dr. Walter Jones, January 2, 1814
      “Men of integrity, by their very existence, rekindle the belief that as a people we can live above the level of moral squalor. We need that belief.”
      — John W. Gardner, 1961, Founder of Common Cause, Former Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare
      “Integrity means discerning what is right and what is wrong. It means acting on what you know is right even at your own personal cost. It is the blueprint of the thing we call character.”
      — Spencer McDonough
      “The good ruler sublimates his needs as an individual to the service of the nation.”
      — Aung San Suu Kyi, In Quest of Democracy, 1991
      Daw Aung San Suu Kyi (born 19 June 1945) is a non-violent pro-democracy social activist of Myanmar
      https://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Aung_San_Suu_Kyi, 10 May 2018

    1. @Matt Gaetz congressman I have seen and heard you on CNN, and was far from impressed. As much as I like exaggerations myself at the right occasion, I always make sure the core to them always are accurate and truthful. A criteria it my impression the two of us don’t share.

    1. I would respect the Democrats more if they cared more about American tax payers. They want to give all our tax dollars to illegal immigrants and do nothing’s. Welfare queens and keep giving disability benefits to able bodies that refuse to work.

    2. Yes we do.. We Republican Conservatives WILL stand and fight for our President against these crooked thieving Democrats, Rhino Repubs, the Deep State criminals and the evil Globalist Cabal that’s OWNS them..

    1. Here are the Dummycrats’ “Articles of Impeachment”: (1.) We didn’t win in 2016. (2.) We can’t win in 2020.

    1. Actually…It’s pretty easy to defend a President for investigating corruption in our own government…

  6. Trump: “I don’t know John Bolton, I might of had a photo taken with him but I have lots of photo’s taken…….”

    1. if Bolton’s ‘ in the room ‘ description of the conversation does not sway GOP senators to call for him as a witness, nothing will. And that makes 51 GOP senators just as corrupt & complicit Trump & the WH…

  7. Okay when Seklow showed video of Nancy Pelosi handing out pens cracked me up laughing. Wow are they ever desperate to find a reason to protect President Peach 🍑

    1. 1 27 20 Hey again @wendell gaskins, I thought you knew Michelle made him burn that ol suit. Wink, wink. Be well. v

  8. Our client is innocent and we can prove it! Just dont ask for the documents and witnesses we will say are on our side!

    1. @Mike Hankins “innocent until proven guilty” is what you say *before* any evidence is brought.
      When the evidence is piling up against you, it may be a good idea to ask your own people to plea on your behalf. (Not to abuse your power to block all documents and intimidate everyone else from testifying)
      Unfortunately it seems Trump does not have anyone who can testify on his behalf *under oath*

      Have you paid attention? Even his lawyers don’t say it didn’t happen, they are saying abuse of power is not impeachable. (Or even more stupid: we are impeaching too much, let’s not do that)

    1. Quite a few of what I hope are Russian trolls in here. It is discouraging to wonder if people I see every day harbor these type of sentiment

    1. @Matt Gaetz congressman well, there you are! I was wondering when you would show up again! You said you were going to put content up on your channel. I’ve been checking. Still nothing there. Better get it together or we’ll think you’re just another troll like the guy on here who pretends he’s president Trump.

    2. Laura Lafauve 👈🏻 How Did Five of Joe Biden’s Family Members Become Millionaires from His Political Career?

      Former Vice President Joe Biden says there is absolutely nothing wrong with his son cashing in on daddy’s name to make millions in Ukraine. But Hunter is not the only Biden to become filthy rich on Joe’s name. It seems that his entire family has become rich using Joe’s name for secret, lucrative, backroom deals.
      According to a report at the New York Post, at least five members of Biden’s family have become super rich trading on the Biden name. As the article notes, “Joe’s son Hunter, son-in-law Howard, brothers James and Frank, and sister Valerie,” have all become extra rich despite having no actual skills to benefit who they were being paid by.

      Democrats ~ “nothing to see here”

    3. @Matt Gaetz congressman uh, huh. But you forget, the first two times I saw you (if you are you) on TV you were both lieing and compromising our nation’s security. Not impressive.
      And the truth from a liar is not to be believed. Do you know why?

  9. “John who? I never met the guy. He’s probably a very nice man, but I never met him. Okay, next. No, not you. Sit down, you’re fake news. You over there from Fox, yeah okay you, go…”

  10. Kobe Bryant–2017– “A #POTUS whose name alone creates division and anger. Whose words inspire dissension and hatred. cant possibly “Make America Great Again!”

    1. @J Bell Just because he has given back so much and has given rookies the benefit of his wisdom in the world of business and life.

    1. @willy pikkton the fucktards that invented just about everything while you lazy Europeans were collecting the dole moron

    2. @celtic journey Hmm, that’s a good question. Why indeed would I not support a president who has made a mockery of the Constitution, who has time and again emboldened and spoken in support of autocrats and dictators and takes their word over his own intelligence agencies, who advocates for white nationalism and violence against the media, pursues policies solely to benefit himself and his cronies–quite often to the detriment of the environment and the marginalized, and generally lacks any shred of a moral compass? It’s quite the conundrum.

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