Jelani Cobb: Action On The George Floyd Bill Is Crucial 1

Jelani Cobb: Action On The George Floyd Bill Is Crucial


George Floyd’s family members pushed for ex-cop Derek Chauvin to receive the maximum 40-year jail sentence for murdering Floyd. However, a judge sentenced Chauvin to 22.5 years in prison. MSNBC legal analyst Katie Phang and MSNBC Contributor Jelani Cobb, Staff Writer at The New Yorker and Professor of Journalism at Columbia University, join American Voices with Alicia Menendez to discuss what factors contributed to the judge’s ruling and the pressure on Congress to pass the Justice in Policing Act.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Jelani Cobb: Action On The George Floyd Bill Is Crucial


  1. There’s going to be more memorials in the future until serious systematic reform is implemented, like racial sensitivity and leaving the handling of mentally ill people to properly trained social workers.

    1. @Mike W After Castille said he was going for his permit out loud. Cop just had the typical fear of a black man and opened fire.

  2. Q : when is a single act not an anecdote and instead systemic
    A : when that individual had 19 prior bad act complaints, and was still a trainer…

    1. @Lloyd Little Most criminals have multiple arrests before seeing any jail time , So a record does not equal accountability . George Floyd could have killed multiple people with his heroine and fentanyl sales . Do you want more drug dealers in your neighborhood or more cops .

    2. @Jimmy Mags you know why you just responded the way you did?

      you know why you in other words support torture of even an american by taxpayer’s dollars?

      it’s seriously because your ego has eaten your soul. now you may not find that to have any credibility, and that’s fine. but let me ask you this to show how you can prove it’s true by any reasonable standard of accountability. a standard in other words even you can’t deny :

      was floyd tortured to death yes or no?

  3. Angel wings on a career criminal? Pfft.
    No doubt he’s burning.
    But at least he’s sober now.

    1. I suspect we come from opposite sides of the spectrum, but I have to agree! The way they canonize these victims, who were also career criminals seems counterproductive. The outright thug, Michael Brown was an even worse example!
      I mean, George Floyd shouldn’t be dead, and the cops should definitely be in prison, but let’s not pretend Floyd was an upstanding citizen! And a civil payment of 42 million? Floyd would have never made a million dollars in his life!

    1. Presuming your comment refers to Floyd, it’s funny how, when there is a multiple gun killing, the number of people who want to defend guns and deflect from the weapons onto the ‘crazy’ firing them, and yet in this instance, you want to do the complete opposite, or maybe you were just being flippant.

  4. But remember, he still has to face federal time. He didn’t get away with anything. For a cop!? Check pass history, chauvin ultimately is facing more time than any cop in history, 15 years state time and let’s see what the Feds decide to give him.
    Think about it.

    1. Hindsight is a gift to the unthinking critic, but get real, people often break the law. Cops have training how to deal with situations where ordinary folks would mess up. When an officer ignores his training to the extent of committing a cruel murder in some sort of power trip, and has done similar before, HE is the one the law needs to deal with.

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  6. All this coverage for a drug addict, I knew there was an agenda to slip by another bill where people don’t see the fine print.

    1. I’m surprised that your comment didn’t get deleted for 51 min so far .. I posted a similar thing and was permanently banned from FB.. I’m not even white

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