Jen Psaki says goodbye after a year, passes torch to Karine Jean-Pierre | USA TODAY

After just over a year, White House press secretary Jen Psaki gave an emotional goodbye on her last day. Karine Jean-Pierre will succeed her.

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  1. Given MSNBC’s ratings at the moment it could be a long time before a lot of people see Psaki again.

    1. @Ajax Johnson who cares? And I agree with Adam. She was the best press secretary we’ve had. Don’t get too triggered 😉

  2. I’m predicting Karine will be even worse than Psaki and thats scary. I bet we’ll see some more hand clapping while simultaneously explaining her points to meaningful questions. (She did that last time she filled in for psaki).

  3. We will misse you
    You dominated the platform
    Clear answers, shutting up those pseudo Creasy rich wing
    Your beauty & calm prevailed over anything
    Good luck 🤞

  4. How many circle backs does it take to get to the center of a Psaki pop? The world may never know.

  5. She was great until we found out all she ever wanted was a job in media. It’s so unfortunate since she did a great job otherwise.

  6. One the best press Secretary in while truly be missed she helped me learn a lot bc she explains and I could understand her.. I wish her nothing but the best !!

  7. President Trump gave us Energy Independence, a Great Economy, Secure Borders and No New Wars.

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