Jeremy Corbyn says he will not lead Labour into next election

Labour Party leaderJeremy Corbyn announced that he will not lead his party into the next election. Corbyn spoke after winning his seat in the UK election. Corbyn's Labour party has suffered a disappointing night of results and exit polls project heavy losses.

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    1. At least democrats can brag about winning it and still having to bow to conservatives. 😂😂😂😂

  1. Just maybe it is time for a Labour leader to run on abolishing distorted misrepresentation. Either that or just give up on pretending to have principles or to care about democracy.

    1. Ashley Paulsen They can’t accept that people don’t share their socialist, open border views.
      Can’t fathom why, socialism a terrible concept that’s proven not to work, and open borders are a no brainer.
      They just can’t cope. Await safe space centres opening across labour held constituencies 🤣.

    2. W W these types of people are extremely brainwashed. I live in Sweden ( though I’m Californian ) and I can see it clear as day. They do extraordinary mental gymnastics in the name of political correctness and so called equality. They ignore every glaring fact in order to serve an agenda. They even threw away ballots for Swedish democrats here because they were “racist” voters. It’s unbelievable. Eroding democracy everywhere I see.

    3. Ashley Paulsen They’ve been getting away with it for too long, obviously the public in the West are growing up a little and have seen through their crap.

      It’s an exciting time to be alive, we’re getting to see their type dismantled, but will have to endure their remainders whining on a little longer until the truly “woke” message spreads and replaces their perverted version of the term.

    4. max smart Believe me, you’ll like being with us! We’re allowed to have guns here and you’ll LOVE Texas steakhouse!

  2. 🎶The legendary Carmen Miranda…💃 Take it away!
    “I wonder why does ev’rybody look at me
    And then begin to talk about a Christmas tree?
    I hope that means that ev’ryone is glad to see
    The lady in the tutti-frutti hat

    The gentlemen, they want to make me say, “S, s”
    But I don’t tell them that, I tell them, “Yes, sir-ee!”
    And maybe that is why they come for dates to me
    The lady in the tutti-frutti hat

    Some people say I dress too gay
    But ev’ry day, I feel so gay
    And when I’m gay, I dress that way
    Is something wrong with that?

    Americanos tell me that my hat is high
    Because I will not take it off to kiss a guy
    But if I ever start to take it off, ay, ay!
    Ay, ay!
    I do that once for Johnny Smith
    And he is very happy with
    The lady in the tutti-frutti hat”

    1. Uncle Sam’s None of us here are “enlightened”, if this is enlightened then what’s the fucking point 🤣 look at the state of some of the comments, dire.

    2. @W W how is one to to decipher a vague implication? You have to make a assumption of what that vauge implication was. If your wrong you apologize. No you shouldn’t in general make assumptions, but in those cases what are you to do? Listen youtube… this is where the information war happens. When you have things to fight for, fervor is there. So yeah boi the guns out
      🔫😎. Anyways wish you the best, few things I feel people can’t truly come together on!

    3. CNN are experts at polls…..Especially Don Lemon, Fredo, and Anderson Cooper. They put one up their butts every broadcast.

    4. @Gooey 911 im bi (lean hetero) and i find that hilarious, LOL. You might have been trying to be homophobic don’t even care.

    5. Uncle Sam’s I understand your passion, but one must admit defeat when it’s clear. Something the left have struggled with for the last 3 years at least, and it carries on here via their supporters evidently.
      It’s time for politics and supporters to grow up, get a grip, and realise we’re all in this together ultimately.

      P.s Saying ‘He still thinks…’ on a video entitled ‘Jeremy Corbyn….’ is hardly vague pal 🤣 maybe so if you’re seeing it through a red mist ✌🏻

    1. Well some unlike you are married and conservatives are notorious for using their wives as punching bags, so there’s that

  3. That guy at the back in yellow, I swear he’s on Crack. That, or Meth.. That smile & that outfit… You gotta be.. 😂😂😂

    1. Believe me they tried but even they couldn’t sell it to their brainwashed followers that the big bad Russians told Trump to get rid of a commie…I’m sure they put that in spin mode for a very long time.

    2. @Garry Miller no idiots like you and CNN gladly do Putin’s work they count on idiots like you who have never been concerned about Russia until 2016 to promulgate your Russia narrative.
      Russia is a third rate country who has a crumbling economy and is no real threat to America by any means they have been interfering in American elections for the past 70 years just as we do all around the world

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