Jeremy Hunt Grilled Over New Junior Doctors’ Strike

Sky's Eamonn Holmes takes Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt to task as the dispute over junior doctors' working contracts rumbles on. Safety fears have been raised for patients after junior doctors announced a "full withdrawal of labour" over five days later this month. Read more:

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  1. Propaganda and lies from sky and the tories. People are fed up of this. Who
    would trust these two smug right wingers over the doctors? Only a smug
    right winger.

    1. +nikirk101 lefties unions trying to take us back to 70s and 80s with their
      strikes especially since their puppet looks likely to carry on leading

  2. Doctors are badly let down by BMA whose ideological and political games are
    clear. Completely unnecessary round of new strikes. Good to see PM backing
    Sec of State to deliver manifesto commitment. HM Gov not unions decide

    1. what a load of twaddle. BMA struck a deal which was rejected by the
      doctors… over 58% of them.

      Hunt is just a liar. Tories are working to destroy the NHS.

    2. Yeah that would work…Have a government deliver a health policy not based
      on a single shred of evidence, that its own civil servants acknowledge will
      not work…god forbid doctors who work on the front line have ideas on what
      the NHS needs

  3. these greedy uncaring doctors should realise the pain and harm they are
    doing put up and shut up and not strike and oh yes what is the phrase do
    no harm

    1. as far as I can make out its about working weekends well most workers work
      week ends these days welcome to real world they were advised to take it by
      BMA but once union leftist got to them like sheep they follow just what
      unions want if its not about money what is it about these are not dedicated
      in any way shape or form think they would be having these strikes if labour
      had been in government

  4. If pay is the main sticking point – then pay doctors more. I don’t think
    the fact that we also underpay nurses, police officers, fire fighters is an
    adequate excuse.

    Unfortunately, I find it hard to believe that is the main sticking point,
    and I’m fed up with being lied to.

    1. their union spokeswoman on tv news this morning said it is nothing to do
      with wages or money dont think half of them know why they are going to
      strike for losing a lot of public sympathy

  5. My doctor only opens her surgery for 4 days a week and only then for no
    more than 4 hours per day. GP’s really are a joke tbh. All the ones going
    on strike should be immediately sacked.

    1. exactly… Murdoch media giving plenty of air time to Tory opinion tho.

      Murdoch media is just a BS machine tbh.

    2. They are trying to turn public opinion against the doctors just like they
      have against any union since the 1980’s.

  6. I imagine the deal that had been struck between the Doctors and the unions
    has not tampered with by the government which has led to the Doctors
    feeling tricked, hence the New Strike🤔🙁

    1. the deal was scuppered by unions wanting another vote on deal being against
      anything conservatives offer and sheep follow

  7. biggest problem is gp’s and consultants…ridiculously overpaid…and all
    they do is google your problems..foreigners migrants dont help either with
    there never ending pregnancy’s

  8. Now crazy, seems Doc’s, Uncaring, selfish, going for political strike
    leaving 100’s of thousands of people suffering in pain, doubtless some will
    die due to lack of, or late treatment.Time for us the people to picket the
    strikers as they have abandoned their OATH
    & are very happy for us to suffer. If my loved ones suffer they will

  9. So they should be paid whatever they ask for? I have never seen a poor
    doctor. They will rake it in later in life, but they are greedy and want
    lots now.

  10. 1. Sound is out.
    2. Holmes goes on about pay when the problem is with safety and
    professionals having to work too hard to cover the shifts.
    3. Hunt is a smug lying c*nt. He couldn’t negotiate his way out of a wet
    paper bag… bit like most Conservatives.

  11. this is labour’s legacy and their silly contract a few years ago.

    fact is these overentitled people are just as much business men and women
    and are always hankering after money.

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