Jerry Nadler: Hunter Biden Is ‘Not A Relevant Witness’ For The Senate Impeachment trial | MSNBC

Jerry Nadler: Hunter Biden Is 'Not A Relevant Witness' For The Senate Impeachment trial | MSNBC 1


  1. trump is a relevant self-perjuring witness 🙂 … in history books : trump**** = trump, impeached, subpoenaed, perjured and removed 🙂

    1. .@jaketapper presses Acting CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan on undocumented workers that are reportedly employed at President Trump’s companies #CNNSOTU

    2. @Tartarus Unbounded Well Democrats invite them in with open arms so you should be happy they’re working.

    3. Olds Rocket 88 The real problem with illegal immigration isn’t immigrants, it’s the legal immigration system. With 9 million mixed citizenship households, $7,000 process, 10-20 yr. wait and 60% from visa abuse; walls won’t solve problem. Fix the system, fix the problem
      Donald Trump and Republicans need to stop lying to the American people. Democrats don’t want open borders, terrorists are not crossing the southern border and we have a barrier in place already. We need more monitoring security and personnel, not a wall
      Democrats already tried to secure border and reform immigration system with S.744. Republicans don’t want to solve illegal immigration. You don’t fix a leaky ship with the passengers inside. Fix Quotas, VISA’s, Refugees, DACA, then you build your wall

    4. I was a stranger and you invited me in.
      —Matthew 25:35 Apparently democrats actually know Jesus and follow his word
      Unlike conservatives

    1. Yes, they should. If the GOP want to complain about corrupt nepotism then Trumps kids shouldnt get a pass.

    2. Squat Little Witch I do agree but what about “the firing of that judge” supposedly investigating Hunter?

    3. @TechReflection actually they are relevant as Jared and Ivanka both work for this administration and both have first hand knowledge of Donnie Dumps corruption and crimes.

  2. If they are really so concerned about corruptness, why are they enabling Rump? They are protecting Rump’s corruptness. I just wish it was up to the people because public opinion is not on Rump’s side.

    1. Corruptness is a word that you used correctly…. in your second sentence.
      But other than that, down with Trump and all that. Keep on keeping on.

    2. Also, did the MAGA crowd apologize after the DOJ under trump’s watch completely exonerated Hillary?? Nope, didn’t think so. Can’t take facts, can’t admit when they’re wrong. Typical.

    1. So you admit that MSNBC is your propaganda fix. Look moron studies on this have been done. Conservatories watch a lot of left-wing news. Its the progressives that watch only leftwing propaganda.

    2. FOX has disabled their comment sections again, you know… because they love freedom of speech so much!

    3. @Cool Hand Mark If you notice, they also do this after every gun massacre. Something you dont like about your own audience, Fox?

  3. Call Hunter for what??? He doesn’t have anything to do with the President asking Ukraine to dig up dirt on his Dad. Him working for the oil company is a separate matter has nothing to do with Trump

    1. @J Washburn No, they can’t, and it will prove NOTHING. You can’t call someone as a witness if they have nothing to do with the case. That would be like a judge, who has a bank robber on trial, asking Charles Manson to testify, then asking him questions about his own case.

      This is all just a distraction tactic. “Lets focus on the Biden corruption instead of the Trump corruption.”

      Don’t get me wrong, the Bidens are super corrupt, but this impeachment trial isn’t for Biden, it’s for Trump. All witnesses should be relevant to the Trump case.

    2. I want pencil neck called , why was he in contact with the whistleblower BEFORE the whistleblower went to the IG ?
      Why did pencil neck flat out lie to all of America about the calls transcript , during a committee in session ?

    3. If the Bidens were really THAT obviously guilty, there would’ve been a proper investigation. There is no investigation of them, because they did nothing wrong. Just thr Hillary situation all over again.

  4. Nancy Pelosi and her dream team…..let the games begin.
    Where is Rudy Giuliani….in the minors league. ?
    True sucker for real…..Trump did the right thing by keeping him away……Dam !!!

  5. The “deep state conspiracy theory is for nut cases”, Steve Bannon, chief promoter of the “Deep State” conspiracy.

    1. there is a deep state!….there is, its just in the Republican party white house edition, not in the Democrats as SOOOOO many have invested themselves in…!

    2. @Nick Morris
      Here MSNBC News ! This is how you debunk a fake Russia story to nip it in the bud. Take notes. Stop quoting mockingbird media.

  6. Thank you for the facts,but as we all know 45 supporters only understand what their leader and Republican pup wipes tell them

    1. No. We enjoy a booming economy, money making 401Ks, safe boarders, lower taxes, you know, everything Democrats object to and hate so much.

    2. Olds Rocket 88
      it was 8-10% only the first few years of Obama (news flash we had a Great Recession in 2008).

      It has gone up every year since the Donald trump took office…..(news flash the Donald trump bankruppted a Casino). See chart below.

      Dotard’s economy would be nothing without the TRILLION dollar deficits he is running….

      2014 2.70%
      2015 2.40%
      2016 3.10%
      2017 3.40%
      2018 4.00%
      2019 Est 4.60%

    3. tartar sauce you are a fool.
      the only reason why the economy is booming is because a non establishment leader is our President. Obama said manufacturing jobs would never come back, 45 is bringing thwm
      back, Wall Street knows DJT works for the people and the good of the nation. He has nothing to loose

  7. The Three Stooges: let’s play the clip of Biden asking for the removal of the Ukrainian prosecutor. People wake up!

    1. and lets look at the context of what was said and also ask if Biden profited personally by what he asked for……and dont forget, Hunter was no longer working there at the time Joe said what he said……….

    2. Nick Morris unfortunately, immediate family profit, is personal profit. does Joe profit if Hunter stays out of Ukrainian prison? yes.

    3. Nick Morris does Joe Biden make 50 million a year? I’d hope not if he is a squeaky clean politician.

  8. What! This whole thing is over corrupt Joe Biden holding money from Ukrine to protect his corrupt son from the prosecutor investigating Burisma. Of course hes relevant.

  9. Nadler, what did your witnesses say? oh, there was no quid pro quo.

    contrary to this speculation by Nadler. 1, you can bring up facts that create a moral outlook of an individual as evidence of credibility.
    2 the Senate can subpoena anybody they want. and ask them what they want. for 5 minutes at a time.

    you opened the investigation. low lay in the truth.

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