‘Jews against DeSantis!’: Florida Gov. Ron Desantis’ speech interrupted by protesters #Shorts

Two protesters rushed the stage holding up signs that read "Jews Against DeSantis!" during a fundraising speech by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in New Hampshire.

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  1. Oh, I wouldn’t dare cheer like the “3 Stooges” Curly Howard going: “WOOBWOOBWOOBWOOBWOOBWOOBWOOBWOOB,” especially when the Jews come up against Governor Ron DeSantis.

    1. GOP didn’t have a problem, when the agitators attack the capital.
      I guess you have to be the right agitator?

    2. @Bryan Tremaine LIberal media said the BLM protests were “mostly peaceful protests”. Even though police cars were destroyed, officers were assulted, businesses were looted and robbed, others vandalized police stations were burned, and people died.

  2. Why would anyone not support this individual? He strongly supports the constitution. Florida continued during the virus without shut downs and government mandates. A very common sense governor.

  3. Threw out the garbage. ha ha ha. Hope she didnt bump her head on the woodwork while going out the door… ha ha ha!

    1. Ron Dee Dee Knocking Boots DeSantis. The records show that DeSantis’s duties included a physical fitness coordinator, a recruiting officer, an assistant urinalysis coordinator ..A Pee Pee inspector.

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