Jill Wine-Banks: ‘Trump Is More Dangerous Than Nixon’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

Jill Wine-Banks: ‘Trump Is More Dangerous Than Nixon’ | The Last Word | MSNBC 1


Jill Wine-Banks joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss her new book recounting her experience as the only woman prosecutor during Watergate. She says Trump is the "more existential threat to democracy than Nixon" because Trump is installing allies after purging those he sees as disloyal to him and Republicans are standing by him even though many found his actions wrong. She also reacts to Weinstein's conviction. Aired on 02/24/20.
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Jill Wine-Banks: ‘Trump Is More Dangerous Than Nixon’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

79 Comments on "Jill Wine-Banks: ‘Trump Is More Dangerous Than Nixon’ | The Last Word | MSNBC"

  1. Those in republican states need to get educated

  2. Moscow MCTURTLE is the most despicable dangerous deplorable degenerative dingle berry alive

  3. It’s not even a question
    Trump is a professional con man
    Nixon was a rookie of corruption

  4. At least Nixon had the decency to resign.

    • Deplorable Centrist | February 25, 2020 at 12:16 PM | Reply

      Death To Ming!…..where’s all the proof then buddy? Ukraine ultimately got their money, didn’t know about the hold, didn’t announce any investigation, and didn’t conduct any investigation. Being that those 4 things are fact, there was no bribe because we got nothing in return.

    • @Deplorable Centrist, they still didn’t get all they money $35m is still being held. Everyone that testified stated it was a quick pro quo. Trump was impeached, and aftet the vote Republicans said he was wrong, but they didn’t convict him out of fear, because of Trump’s behavior. We all heard the phone call, and that wasn’t even the original transcript if the call. The moment Trump held back funds, after Congress approved those funds, it became a bribe. Furthermore, he didn’t even inform congress that the money was even being held, because Trump knew it was wrong.Trump fired everyone, because they not only showed up, but they also told the truth. Innocent people don’t behave that way. Trump is guilty, and the GOP gave Trump the green light to act this way.

    • @Deplorable Centrist He’s not my president.

  5. Trump took corruption to the executive branch that no president ever seen in over 200 years plus

    • @Drake Fire
      If he committed crimes why were those not included in the articles of impeachment?

      You cannot be impeached for political reasons either which is what the Democrats tried.

    • @Michael Duff So, you didn’t read.

      Got it.

    • @Drake Fire Didn’t read what?

    • @Michael Duff Anything I’ve listed.

      Or the articles of impeachment.

    • @Drake Fire Are you talking about the article with the chart comparing administrations?

      Of course, the Republicans have more because they have been foolish enough to trust Democrats. The DOJ under Democrats never indicts their own. Lois Learner, Loretta Lynch, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder.

      It is also dishonest to consider what the Russians did something to do with Trump.

  6. Republicans have changed dramatically since the time of Watergate. There was once a time they cared about integrity and governing, but now they’ve morphed into a group of nihilistic sycophants who treat every issue as a zero-sum game.

    • To be fair, though, zero-sum is baked into the Republican ideology of economic winners and losers. It’s always been there, but now it has extended beyond economic issues into the political and social sphere in a way we haven’t seen before.

    • The problem is they let the objectivists into the party. Ayn Rand’s objectivist philosophy is that the needs of the individual are more important than needs of society. Basically they are anarchists.

  7. Nixon had some vestiges of integrity and self respect.
    trump is a total void in that aspect…

  8. Nixon didn’t welcome foreign governments into our elections.

    • ✔MATE

    • Nixon did ask for help from a foreign government. From the book playing with fire by Mr. O’Donnell we know that on the Thursday before the 68 election when Humphrey had pulled even with Nixon on the news that the Paris peace talks were on the verge of ending the war, Nixon called the South Vietnamese president and asked him to not agree because Nixon would get a better deal for him if he was elected. How do we know this? In the audio book version you can hear the illegal recording done by the CIA of all calls the South Vietnamese president got and in the audio book version you can hear President Johnson’s call with Republican leader Dirkson with LBJ confronting both Dirkson and Nixon with the fact that what Nixon had done was illegal……thing was, LBJ/the CIA’s wire tape was also illegal.

    • Deplorable Centrist | February 25, 2020 at 11:49 AM | Reply

      Elaine Johnson…..neither has your president, and moreover, there’s no evidence to remotely suggest it.

    • TRUMP not only WELCOMED PUTIN TO INTERFER IN OUR Elections…He gets mad at his OWN PEOPLE for LETTING US KNOW!! Go fighure

  9. Marilyn Reallon | February 25, 2020 at 2:08 AM | Reply

    More dangerous and dumber!

  10. Nixon never sold America to the Russians.


    • He sells out America without hesitation or favorites.

    • wandering spirit | February 25, 2020 at 6:22 PM | Reply

      No, Hillary Clinton and Obama did. Why would they sell 10% of US uranium and why did the Clinton Foundation
      receive $110 mill form several Russian companies? Uh oh.

    • @wandering spirit broken bots spewing russian propaganda about paranoid delusional Uranium sales by has-been politico’s,…you bore me with your stupidity.

    • Festerbestertester6 | February 25, 2020 at 8:43 PM | Reply

      @Cheryl Lawlor – Ideology? With a gangster government (both Putin and Trump), the only ideology is to steal as much money from the government as possible. Why do you think Putin’s net worth is now considered to be in the 200 BILLION range? He had basically nothing when he entered office. They are both kleptocrats.

  11. Yeah, YOUR kids don’t need to learn MATH in school, YOUR kids don’t need to be capable of making decisions. Just be quiet and pay your taxes so billionaires can have the money, I’m SURE one of them will take care of you… Thanks Koch Brothers! )

  12. TRUMP makes Nixon look like an Angel!!

    • Osimi Manchester I. | February 25, 2020 at 4:55 AM | Reply

      Kindly state any crime the Trump committed.

    • Keith Christensen | February 25, 2020 at 7:01 AM | Reply

      @Osimi Manchester I. what you can’t spell quid pro quo just because his lap dogs let him go

    • Printagic Online | February 25, 2020 at 7:02 AM | Reply

      @Osimi Manchester I. Sure no problem.
      Bribery Ukraine ….. Trumps own Republican supporters said Trump did the crime but they wouldn’t Remove him from office
      campaign finance law……. Trump is Individual one and is considered a co-conspirator in which Cohen got 5 years in prison
      Emoluments…….. Trump breaks this law everyday Ivanka and Kushner are in the White House. not to mention his trips to Mar a largo. Trump puts $695. per night per room in his pocket for him and secret service.
      Selling Nuclear secrets to the Saudi’s …… Trump and Kushner have openly done this and the GOP let’s him get away with it.
      Selling Pardons for donations …… Trumps $10 million fundraiser came with a hitch and by his own admission pardoned 8 people in exchange for this fundraiser.

      The list is much bigger than this but we’ll stop there. Just because the spineless Republican party won’t hold Trump accountable doesn’t make Trump innocent.

    • @Osimi Manchester I. Conspiracy to commit campaign fraud (his co-conspirator is doing 3 years in jail for his part). At least 10 cases of obstruction of justice laid out clearly in the Mueller report. Bribery, and extortion in Ukraine. Using a charity for person gain (sentence to repay $2 million). Running a fraudulent university (settled out of court for $40 million). I can go on forever but you get the point. The crook is a two bit con man. Always was and always will be.

    • @Osimi Manchester I. живи долго матушка россия aka. Live long mother Russia…

  13. Nixon was an unscrupulous politician.

    Trump on the other hand is a career criminal who has realised Pablo Escobar’s dream of taking over a country and its legal apparatus and bending them to his ends. In addition, despite his monumental ignorance every imaginable subject (Pearl Harbour is just one example) he believes himself to be a genius and lives in an imaginary world in which he alone is right about everything. There’s simply no comparison.

  14. Nixon was a threat to our democracy, but he was an even bigger threat to himself more than anything else. Trump on the other hand, constitutes an immediate threat to our democracy, to our Constitution, and to our national security.

    • @Chris Mole Mr. Mole, you are no more a New Zealander than I am. Your English, phraseology, syntax, punctuation, and grammar, are all entirely American. You are a Trump troll telling lies under the guise of an independent foreign observer. I don’t know whose payroll you’re on, but the game is up. Furthermore, New Zealand has a responsible news corps, with real journalists, who report real facts, as opposed to Trump type ‘entertainment’ channels, like Fox news. You need to sell your wares elsewhere, or maybe just stop your malicious interference.

    • @Brett Nine if you look at my Youtube channel you will see I am a New Zealander. Or my business website http://www.chrismole.co.nz

    • @Chris Mole News used to be like that here, but not anymore, i live in the U.S. and most of the news is left biased which are owned by powerful people that have an agenda to put $$$ in their own pockets. george soros and bill gates are at least 2 key puppet masters.

    • @the clubhouse New Zealand TV networks have reporters in the US who try to be objective. One of our networks (the government-owned one) is slightly to the left; the other (private owned) is slightly to the right. But by US standards they are both pretty much down the middle. I was a journalist myself for 25 years, and that’s the way we were trained. To report facts, not opinions.

    • David j ok in 2012 criminal democrats obama Hillary and Muller amd other worthless criminal trader democrats sold military grade uranium to putin in russia ok do you no what russia is going to use the military grade uranium for the Olney thing you can use military grade uranium for to arme thermal nuclear weapons and you think turmp is dangerous you fool criminal democrats put all of AMERICA in danger look it up your self tipe in uranium one scandal see for yourself turmp win are you going to lock up these traders up for treason against AMERICA turmp 2020baby PS you ignorant donkey

  15. The problem goes beyond Trump and the Republican party. The public, by and large , see corruption and lies as reflections of their own diminished moral values!

    • Agree. This is a result of the overall moral decline of much of our society, coupled with the slow but continued decrease in the US standard of living due to the economic pressures of globalization. People are more desperate and so will tolerate more immoral behavior in their leadership.

    • Nonsense. The “diminished moral values” are just from listening to fox. Many just don’t know how they promote alternative reality.

    • In the USA, money = god = money. Same thing. Trump is the personification of greed in society.

    • Deplorable Centrist | February 25, 2020 at 12:14 PM | Reply

      putative3…wrong, democrats and their supporters only see those things. Remember, support for impeachment dropped drastically amongst independents and republicans the very first week of open hearings.

    • It’s nice to lump morality into a one size fits all when appropriate…..but I refuse to lower my morale standards and share the blame with the Republicans that supported Trump and continue to do so, refusing to acknowledge, 1. They made a mistake voting for him and 2. Allows themselves to still be used by him to promote his own business. Trump supporters give a whole new meaning to turn the other cheek. This meaning was originally associated with the upper portion of the body. Not so anymore.

  16. Nixon was a legitimately elected president.

  17. Barry Goldwater was not decent Lawrence, he cared about appearances. That’s all. The present republicans don’t care about appearances because their rabid base are all aboard with a dictatorship.

  18. Trump is corrupt to the core. He makes Nixon look like a choir boy in my opinion.

    • Paul C DJT remains in the highest office in the land despite your fruitless allegations… and he will be re-elected dispite your opinion. I know I should feel bad for you but I don’t! Instead, I feel happy to be an American.

    • Bob Loblaw DJT remains in the highest office in the land despite your fruitless allegations… and he will be re-elected dispite your opinion. I know I should feel bad for you but I don’t! Instead, I feel happy to be an American.

    • @15k DOW 2022 if you are going to call official court filings and convictions ‘fruitless allegations’, then clearly this conversation is pointless. There is literally nothing that can be presented that would convince you otherwise that Trump is a criminal. If he is re-elected then that is truly a sad indictment of the intelligence and moral fabric of the American people.

    • @Paul C ok hot rod let me ask you this, should obama, clinton, and biden be investigated?

  19. Donald Trump he has Dictator leaders helping him,America country and people have new leaders
    American people and country 😧 have no place in America for Dictators
    Take America back vote 2020 ,stop the criminals

  20. Nixon knew when he had crossed the line and he resigned.
    Trump: “There’s a redline you can’t cross.” Trump has crossed all the lines and thinks there’s no penalty for it.

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