1. Americans ask yourself this one question, why do mass civilian shootings seldom happen elsewhere in the world?

    1. @CraigF71 You can only compare the US to Canada which has alot of guns and low gun violence. The other countries you mention have far fewer.

    2. @Jonathan Daily i agree. and rs “good guy with a gun”. That failed miserably in uvalde. Both sides need to cut the bs and sit down together and do what they are paid to do. Work something out.
      Oh wait we all have to take vacation.

  2. How about we give this judge the same type of security at the court house as these schools have? How long before his mind is changed or simply blown away.

    1. Let’s hear it for the brave woman from West Virginia who shot and killed a gunman who was shooting into a party with an AR-15.

  3. The judge will only talk about gun safety to people who “don’t insult” him. What he’s saying is his pride is more important than human lives.

    1. @spearfisherman308 Thomas Paine’s propaganda screeds were NOT LAW.

      Moreover, after he served his purpose — stirring up the rabble — and the Founders were ready to re-establish stability, he was rejected by them.

      Also not law:

      “The Federalist”.

      You are so far from ACTUAL LAW that you can’t back up ANYTHING you say, let alone back it up with LAW.

      The right to privately possess guns was always a state right. States differ on the matter, as they have right to do, so your idea of the Second Amendment violates state rights.

    2. Lets hear it for the brave woman from West Virginia who shot a killed a gunman who was shooting into a party with an AR-15

  4. ‘It’s JUST a semi automatic rifle…’ for me as a German it sounds absolutey crazy that an 18 years old can buy a weapon like this!!

    1. @Liberals haveitallbackwards That was derived from the M 16 that was developed during Vietnam . Not just a rifle it was designed for war .

    2. Over here in America we have a culture and mainly the Trumpian Taliban that has an unnatural lust for guns so that should help you understand a little bit

    3. @Ammo Hoarder and I bet you think that killer in Texas had a second amendment right to do what he did. I also bet you applauded the body count when Trump read it off too

  5. I agree we need to put serious efforts into mental health. However, the “they” in this conversation that needs to address this issue includes ALL of US,, sir, not some unknown “they.” Let’s start by talking to the Legislature in TX and Gov. Abbott, who slashed the budget for mental health in TX in 2021.

    1. Lets hear it for the brave woman from West Virginia who shot and killed a gunman who was shooting into a party with an AR-15.

  6. When they say, “Guns don’t kill people, people people kill people.” Well, cars don’t kill people, people do. So what is done? Training, permit, license, strict drunk driving laws, very high insurance for young kids, speeding tickets, and go on and on.

    1. @Brett Butler There are limits to everything. Even if it was in the constitution to drive, it doesn’t mean you should have the right to drive a tank down the street geez.

    2. @UnderTheKnife You fail to understand that the document was written when the only direct threat came from the British Empire. Remember August 24, 1814 when the White House was burned down.
      You also mistakenly or forgetfully fail to recall the Americas were set up as colonies. They weren’t set up in the way you describe. These latter day arrival you depict came well after the document you cherish was written.

  7. The appropriate question is “Sir, why does the organization you’re part of, buy politicians to not pass gun legislation reform to prevent a deranged teenager from buying a firearm that law enforcement officers are deathly afraid of to engage?”

    1. @fubar totale Quick question….How did the shooter, know to use the one unlocked door that was purposely left open by the unnamed teacher?

    2. Let’s hear it for the brave woman from West Virginia who shot and killed a gunman who was shooting into a party with an AR-15 .

  8. His answer to the traumatized children survivors is “We’ll lift them up in prayer.” That’s the right’s answer to everything now-and they’re destroying this country. Perhaps they’ve already destroyed it.

    1. Anyone who suggests “prayer” as a practical solution for intractable societal problems has a screw loose – and they just admitted it…

    2. Yes, that’s what he needs to do, talk to his imaginary friend! That’s what people say when they don’t want to do anything. Just lip service. When I lost my son I got so sick of hearing “I’ll pray for you”. There is nothing you can say to a parent who has lost a child to make them feel better. What a hypocrite!

    3. @Donna Oberdorf – This planet isn’t known as the vale of tears for nothing – heartbreaks and sorrows come to all of us. Some are so shattering they’re with us for the rest of our days – and nothing anyone can say can change that. I’m sorry for your loss…

  9. Uvalde wasn’t the only place where “good guys with guns’ failed. The was a good guy in Buffalo who exchanged gunfire with the shooter and was killed. There was a ‘good guy’ with a gun at Parkland who didn’t even go into the school to protect the students. The judge saying that it was only a problem in Uvalde is totally false. (Also, this judge is a Family Court judge? I feel sorry for any families that have to appear in his court.)

    1. Let’s hear it for the brave woman in Wesrt Virginia who killed a gunman who was shooting into a party with an AR-15

  10. I’m a Navy veteran so I could be wrong about this. I’m pretty sure soldiers don’t take their rifles everywhere with them. I’m pretty sure when they’re off base they stay on the base. Someone could correct me if I’m wrong.

    1. @I Am Retired So you drive without a seatbelt, exceed the speed limit, don’t stop for school buses, smoke in a public building? Really? If you ‘did what you wanted’ the streets and public life would be in chaos. My guess is that in other areas of your life, you pretty much obey the law or deal with the consequences.

    2. Very good question. My son is a Navy vet with several deployments (thank goodness no combat) & some of my nephews are from various military branches. My son, & nephew who is a retired Sergeant Major and did 2 Iraq tours (MP at Abu Graib) both said you’re correct.

    3. @I Am Retired yes. An 18 yr old did “what he want” and a town won’t sleep tonight because the church bells are tolling for the dead children and teachers.
      PS: are you from Florida? Because that is how they drive here. Several accidents daily on just Jacksonville’s beltway during rush hour. They “do what they want”. On guy landed about a mile from his bike, speeding, without lights, to avoid cops who clocked him for speeding. Civilian. Right outside NAS. He was “doing what he want”

  11. it makes me so angry when people say there’s nothing we can do. after a shooting like this why on earth would we not do everything humanly possible to make sure something like this never happens again?

    1. @Thomas John so you’re saying that we have even more people do that somehow means we should have access to military-level assault weapons? That’s diametrically opposed to any sort of logic.

      Constitutional rights are not absolute laws of physics. We are governed today by laws that our founders could not have imagined 250 years ago. Did the founders anticipate child pornography, back before cameras existed? Nope. And they also didn’t anticipate mass shooting with high-powered, fast-repeating weapons. We clearly need to redress our views and interpretation of the 2nd amendment. Clearly.

    2. @Carl with a Camera in The Philippines nobody in America can get military level assault weapons. You can but it has to stay at a range and carries a 20k$ tax stamp. He did not use an assault or military style rifle.

    3. Lets hear it for the brave woman from West Virginia who shot and killed a gunman who was shooting into a party with an AR-15.

    4. @Green party of Wakanda how is gun control in New York? Clearly lacking. So the problem extends to/infects politicians even beyond the republicans who are the majority in favor of loose gun regulation. Is that your point? Because if it is, then we still need far more restrictive gun control. Everywhere.

  12. Republican judge: that’s kind of a loaded question, 😂
    Everyone else with sanity: it’s not funny. You think this is a joke

    1. Lets hear it for the brave woman from West Virginia who shot and killed a gunman who was shooting into a party with an AR-15.

    2. @M Hall yes 2X impeached EX-president trump for prison 2022 heck I’ll even spray paint the cell bars gold to make him feel at home

  13. who’s pocket is this guy in this reeks of corruption how can a judge not see the difference between a military person and a private citizen using guns…..I can’t believe he just said that

  14. It’s sad when we have to have an armed officer at any school. There’s something extremely wrong with that.

    1. Lots of things are “sad”. We do it at airports, courts, sports arenas. Those are all “real sad” too.

    2. There is something extremely wrong with that. No one should live in constant fear because that’s not security or freedom. I grew up in a time and place where law enforcement officers of any title were extremely rare (I remember them visiting us first graders to talk to us about narcotic drugs). My parents worried about several things but not about their children being killed at random by a gunman. I could walk or ride my bike all over town as a teenager without seeing police officers or anyone with a gun, and my parents did not worry about my safety. The worst thing we had to worry about at school was someone pulling the fire alarm, making us all go outside into the weather for an hour or so. I still value that level of freedom from worry, but I don’t know if I will have that again.

    3. @Teutonic NordwindFirst, I tend to think it’s more sad when someone purposely targets young kids. Second, this kind of cowardly behavior has been going on for years. 15 years ago my husband was a manager at a restaurant and called the cops to break up a fight. 2 cops showed up and stood around in the parking lot, waiting for more cops to show up. When there were 6, that’s when they came in, but my husband got good and mad and broke it up himself. Cops are useless and I would rather take my chances with whatever happens than call the cops. I have told them that to their face, and they don’t care. It’s not about protecting and serving anymore but only enforcement.

  15. “We all pray for you, we lift you up in our prayers.” … yes, using the blanket of faith to ignore the reality that you are allowing this horrific behaviour year after year after year after year. The US is so contradictory of freedom, and they keep burying their heads in the sand over it, excusing it, ignoring it.

  16. “It’s just a semi-automatic rifle”. How many were killed in a matter of minutes? How do people like this get into positions of authority? Just another arrogant right wing judge who is not used to being told “no”.

    1. In the first assault weapons ban they left out guns with the exact same performance. Pay attention, or you won’t stop anything.

    2. I’d like to see how he can handle the same situation if the guy was in his office! He doesn’t care about those kids or any kids, he’s just there for his ego and the money! He should be retired so someone better can take his place!

    3. @O K You are so right! My husband says the same, just because it’s wood grain, they don’t consider it the same.

    4. Let’s hear it for the brave woman from West Virginia who shot and killed a gunman who was shooting into a party with an AR-15.

  17. This man has done everything he can to put guns in everyone’s hands and make it as easy as possible, but he’s worried about being insulted??? What a monster.

    1. If parent had gun this would have ended differently police waited over a dam hour that who they should blame

    2. @MrMcBeth oh please enlighten me. what did I miss him say that was soooo important that it will change mine and everyones opinion on guns??

    3. Lets hear it for the brave woman from West Virginia who shot and killed a gunman who was shooting into a party with an AR-15.

  18. “The vendors were already there” is the weakest argument I can imagine for not canceling this stupid convention. Pretty sure those kids had plans to be somewhere, too. Like the rest of their entire lives!

    1. Lets hear it for the brave woman from West Virginia who shot and killed a gunman who was shooting into a party with an AR-15.

  19. He lost me as soon as he said, “your supposition of the question”. That tells me he will never admit any responsibility. 🤦🏼‍♀

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